Synopsis of 03×08: The investigation into a murdered ex-Air-Force officer leads the team to a former co-worker and renowned UFO expert; the memories in the stitch have the team wondering if UFOs and extraterrestrial beings really exists.

Camsten is back in full effect after making up in the last episode, woot! The episode begins with the couple in bed; Cameron is wakes up when he feels Kirsten twitching in her sleep. He’s worried about her and thinks she should see a doctor. He even promises not to tell anyone, including Maggie. Seeing a neurologist secretly is a pretty big deal for Kirsten. I was totally surprised when she agreed to secretly see one. Looks like the couple really are trying to trust each other. 

That’s not the only relationship that’s doing well though! Things with Fisher and his wife are going pretty well and finally falling back into place. That is until his wife tells him that she got the promotion at work and needs to relocate to Washington, D.C. That’s amazing for his wife, but will Fisher be willing to make the sacrifice and move with her? 

If you recall from the couple of episodes Linus and Ivy made up and planned to meet for dinner. The dinner never worked out because Maggie and Fisher interrogated her about Stinger. Thankfully, Ivy won’t give up that easily when it comes to Linus and they manage to reschedule their dinner date.

Linus is also motivated to help Camille get over her relationship with Amanda and shows up at her house at 7:30 in the morning for a beach run. Now we all know Camille is not morning person! But since it’s Linus who is knocking on her door, she’s game to let him help her get over her broken heart. 

That same morning, an Air Force pilot is discovered dead in the middle of nowhere. Camille reached out to the medical examiner to confirm if the victim, Fred, was actually murdered. According to Amanda, Fred was indeed murdered because of his facial expression, Amanda claims muscles relax at natural death.

Kirsten stitches into him and discovers that when Fred was young in the Air Force he and another pilot thought they saw an unidentified flying object (UFO). The team doesn’t believe it for one second, but when Kirsten moves to another memory where Fred and the other pilot visit a restricted area on the base and are attacked by an alien, they quickly change their minds. 

The team discover that a famous UFO conspiracy writer, Rudy Grant turns out to be the mysterious pilot from the stitch. Fisher looked into Fred’s bank account and learned that Fred was being paid $1,000 every month since 1985, the same year that the pilots saw the UFO and the alien. The bank records also showed that Fred was paying someone else half of the money every month as well. Maggie sends the team to investigate to find out more. 

Camille and Fisher take off to track down the guy who received payments from Fred; while Cameron and Kirsten pay Rudy a visit to discover what he knows. Fisher and Camille question the guy and they find out that his sister was the one actually receiving the payments. A woman named Peggy who worked at Aerospace.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Kirsten learn that Rudy and his wife really believe in aliens and he actually lives on a ley line.  Rudy subtly tells Cameron and Kirsten that they should visit the Dreamland Air Force Base to investigate his findings for themselves.

Kirsten and Cameron arrive at the base and sneak into the restricted area from Fred’s memory. They are both disappointed when they don’t see an alien hidden behind the door. Kirsten spots another door and peeks inside, what she and Cameron sees shocks them both: a flying saucer. The Air Force claims the flying saucer is a prototype that they could never get off the ground.

Cameron and Kirsten aren’t buying it and probe to see if they can find out more. Kirsten mentions the alien from 1985 and the woman that was with Fred around that time. The commander claims that’s all classified and asks Kirsten how she knows about everything, she and Cameron both say it’s classified. Camille said it best, “You gotta love alternative facts.” 

Linus calls the team and lets them know that Fred died from a lethal dose of toxin. Maggie had a meeting in DC, leaving Cameron in charge so he let’s the team take the rest of the day off because he and Kirsten have something to take care of. 

Kirsten meets with a neurologist who turns out to be Marian Goodkin, Cameron’s mom! Whoa gotta say what an amazing way to sneak that in, totally did not see that coming! Cameron must really be worried about Kirsten if he’s willing to have his mom examine her. It’s clear how rocky his relationship with is mother is because there’s nothing but witty and sarcastic banter between the two.

At the suggestion of his mother, Cameron leaves Kirsten to be examined by her alone. As soon as Cameron leaves, Marian immediately tells Kirsten she knows that she is dating her son and asks her why she likes him. Kirsten says all the usual things a girlfriend would say, kind, smart, and that he cares about her. Marian claims that Cameron loves her and asks if she loves him back, the scene ends with Kirsten looking speechless.

Maggie tries to pull strings to get Fisher a transfer to D.C., but nothing’s available. She calls Fisher to deliver the bad news but also mentions that she’ll put in a good word for him with the local police department until something becomes available in the NSA.  

As if to make matters worse for for Fisher, Cameron stumbles upon the file on Ivy in Maggie’s office. He calls Fisher in privately to discuss it and Fisher claims Maggie wants to keep it a secret and that he can’t tell anyone. Cameron is not willing to keep any secrets from Kirsten because the last set nearly destroyed his relationship with her.

Keeping his promise to her, Cameron shows Kirsten the file. She’s just about to storm out to get answers from Ivy when Camille and Linus asks what’s going on. Cameron and Fisher beg her not to tell them but she does. Linus is crushed and Camille is all I told you so. Cameron manages to convince Kirsten to leave things alone and to focus on the case because time is running out. She agrees and prepares to stitch into Fred again. 

Turns out the alien attack at the base was a prank. The guilt was eating away at Fred and he visited Rudy at his book signing to finally tell him the truth. Rudy tells Fred that he doesn’t believe him that he’s been paying him because it’s his story too. Fred confess that he split his money with Peggy because she was the one in the suit.

The team revisits Rudy and claims he killed Fred. However, when they mention that his drone was used to kill Fred with a deadly toxin, Rudy figured out that his wife Arlene is the one responsible. She killed Peggy,  took the toxins from Dreamland, and used Rudy’s drones to spray the toxins on Fred that killed him. 

Marian has got Kirsten’s test results back and needs to speak to Kirsten in person. She and Cameron plan to meet her together at his house and then have dinner after. Only Kirsten set up Cameron and his mom so they could reconnect and patch up their relationship.

He doesn’t believe it at first until his mom says that Kirsten couldn’t standby and watch the man she loves not have a relationship with his mother when she never had the chance to have one with hers. Cameron believes her and decides to head to dinner with his mom. But before they leave he asks about Kirsten’s test results. His mother says there was a reflection on one of the scans, it’s not a tumor but she sent the scans back for them to look again. But… what else could it be?

Fisher breaks the news to his wife that he couldn’t get a transfer. He thinks they need more time to figure things out. However his wife quickly decides he’s choosing work over their marriage again. But this time, Fisher says it’s her that’s choosing work over them.

While Cameron is at dinner with his mom, Linus and Kirsten sneak into Ivy’s apartment to snoop. What they discover changes everything, because it turns out Ivy was the person behind keeping Kirsten trapped in her memories. 

Can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode of Stitchers. Will Kirsten’s results show a tumor? Will Fisher and his wife come up with a plan to make things work?  What will happen to Ivy and her relationships with Kirsten and Linus? Could she have been set-up by her father? 

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