Nerdophiles was on hand to chat with the fantastic cast of the new HBO Max miniseries, The Staircase

This miniseries from Antonio Campos is based on the documentary of the same name from filmmaker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, about the infamous Michael Peterson case. The Staircase shows the life of crime novelist Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), his wife Kathleen (Toni Collette), and their blended family. Kathleen dies tragically and Michael becomes the number 1 suspect. This miniseries follows the lives and perspectives of so many people involved and those looking for the truth like Bill (Tim Guinee), Michael’s brother & Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (Vincent Vermignon), as secrets and the case unfolds.

Watch our sit-down with the cast members: Vincent Vermignon and Tim Guinee as they share more about their portrayals of these real-life figures!

The Staircase is streaming Thursdays on HBO Max!

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