Synopsis of 1×08: A town without electricity presents opportunities for everyone. Grace attempts revenge, Arthur reveals surprising parts of himself, and The Scholar finds a new purpose and new friends.

The Scholar, Grace, and Arthur are speeding down the road until they get pulled over by a cop. Arthur tries to level with him on a cop to cop level while Grace gets belligerent, but neither approach matters. The sheriff of the town they’re headed into needs their help and isn’t planning on taking no for an answer. As they drive away under orders, Sheriff Leon takes his sunglasses off and reveals two burned out holes in place of eyes.

Aki is searching for Christopher at Heart Enterprises, only to see that he’s managed to escape onto some street – his exit closing up behind him. He’s confused and has flashbacks to when he and Arthur were together at the station when he returns to his old job’s building. When strangers enter, he’s forced to begin transmitting his location and Aki is up and running after him.

Once Arthur rolls their car into town, the three realize they’re in a technological deadzone. It’s a perfect opportunity to rip the brain bombs out of their spinal cords before The Scholar starts fawning over a nuclear-powered car – one of only twelve in existence. He opts to stay at the garage they pulled into while Grace and Arthur continue on to town.

Sheriff Leon gives them the rundown of the town’s history and let’s them know what their mission is: undercover work to rid the town of the evil people holding the electricity hostage in the power station. At least they get set up in a swanky hotel room, all things considered, and Grace tries to tempt Arthur into a repeat performance of their live-saving efforts in the first episode. He declines. Meanwhile, the Scholar is having more luck bonding with his new mechanic friend at least.

Still hurting, Grace goes in search of alcohol only to find that the sheriff has banned it from the town. The bar only serves espressos and this town is looking more and more suspiciously hipster by the minute. Slink comes through for her and she promises to kill him once she’s finished drinking the entire bottle of whiskey.

Arthur is strategizing with the sheriff over how to take back the rebel power station and when he goes to bring Grace up to speed, she’s busy drinking and leaves him to go alone. Convincing the power station people to let him in, he manages to get his power pack plugged in and the power shorted out. Sheriff Leon’s people burst in and take control of the families and the station through violence. When Arthur confronts him about the situation, the sheriff tells him to mind his own business.

Christopher learns from the criminals that Contracrime has disbanded and simultaneously learns about his eye’s defense mechanism. Aki arrives on scene to tell him that she might also maybe love him too. They consummate their relationship and possibly short out Aki’s systems, beginning the process of making her more human.

When Arthur goes to ask Grace for help again, she again brushes him off and he goes to confront the sheriff alone. In a short rewind, it turns out that Slink was after a heart to heart with Grace… or maybe a showdown of sorts. He stabs his own hand right before Arthur busted onto the scene the first time, only to remove the knife and Grace watches the wound heal itself as he begins to ask her personal questions about her life and her family. Most of the bottle later, they’re drunk and ready to rumble.

Ready to get it over with, Grace pours the last drinks from the bottle and Slink reveals that there was a purpose in coming to this specific town. No electricity means no cameras for Heart Enterprises to stop him from killing Grace. But before he can follow through with his plans, she lights him on fire and springs into action to free Arthur from the town gallows.

She fights with the sheriff’s men while Arthur frees himself and they quickly get the upper hand. When Sheriff Leon confronts Arthur about what he’d done to get his notebook on Heart Enterprises and reveals his empty eye sockets, Arthur shoots him in the head while everyone else looks on. Soon after, he realizes he himself has been shot and Grace hustles him into the car to get out of there.

The Scholar opts to stay in town and become the new sheriff while Grace promises to figure out another way to kill Slink when the cameras are turned back on.

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