Synopsis of 01×04: Sutton becomes flustered when someone at Scarlet has the wrong impression of her professional background; Jane works to prove she can have a “friends with benefits” relationship without feelings. 

The Bold Type has been killing it so far and I love it for weaving so many real female problems into the narrative! My favorite things this episode were obviously our precious Jane getting not one but TWO orgasms from the Pinstripe hottie editor, Ryan; Kat standing up for Adena and finally getting that sweet kiss; and Sutton redeeming herself by baring her true self to Oliver and landing her the job of her dreams in fashion. 

Again, the annoying voiceover, do we seriously really need that for this show? As I mentioned above, Jane had the time of her life on a date with Ryan ending the night with her first set of orgasms. Sutton was physically there to witness it and she filled in Kat via text like any bestie would. Jane received an invitation to be on a political panel for up and coming writers and she couldn’t be happier. 

Oliver is considering Sutton for the fashion assistant job (yay!). He  tasks her with creating a mood board that will “move” him. She’s ready and willing, but there’s one tiny little problem: Oliver thinks Sutton went to Fashion Institute of Technology. She didn’t, she went to Penn State so now she’s stuck between telling the truth or riding out the lie to land the dream of her job. 

Meanwhile, Adena visits Kat at work and asks her to write a recommendation for an extension of her work visa. Kat totally agrees, duh! However, Kat’s totally bummed because she thinks the only reason Adena asked her to write the letter is because it needs to be on official letterhead. Kat still feels like she can’t read Adena; Sutton convinces Kat to use the the letter as an excuse to hangout with Adena to help her figure things out. 

Jane gets a new headshot to make her look more serious, like an influential voice. Ryan a.k.a. “Pinstripe” visits Jane at work (he appears at her desk… so unrealistic, lol) and she confesses she had two orgasms. He asks her to meet-up again and she says she can’t because of the influential writer’s panel. Ryan tells Jane he’ll be there and she slightly freaks but is okay with him going. Jane is trying to keep Ryan as a “friend with benefits,” but Kat and Sutton think it might be leading to more than that considering he wants to support her by going to her panel.

Sutton tells Richard about the mood board she’s creating for Oliver and the fact that he thinks she went to FIT. Richard tells her she will do great and that she should tell Oliver she didn’t go to FIT. I must say I really love how supportive Richard is being as Sutton chases her dream job.

 Kat and Adena have a romantic-ish evening walking and talking. Things go sour when a random white man verbally assaults Adena while she’s on the phone. Kat stands up for Adena and the guy gets aggressive verbally; Adena tries to drag Kat away but she’s not having it. Kat ends up punching the guy in the face. She gets arrested while Adena is nowhere in sight. 

Jane represents Scarlet magazine on a panel and the moderator asks her the first question. At first Jane is intimidated by the panelists, but she delivers a well-thought and powerful answer. But it wouldn’t be a political panel without the male panelist dominating it and cutting her off.

After the panel Jane tells Ryan how awful she thinks she did in front of a board member and her boss. Ryan tries to comfort her by saying she didn’t do as bad as she thinks she did. But instead of believing him, she stalks off upset. The next day Jane still feels like she didn’t do a good job, until an influential woman quotes her on Twitter. 

Adena disappeared with Kat’s cell phone so Kat had no choice but to use her one phone call to call Scarlet in hopes one of her friends could bail her out. Instead of Jane or Sutton, Kat gets bailed out by her boss, Jacqueline. Kat’s embarrassed to have her boss bail her out, but it’s better than staying in jail #sorrynotsorry!  

Richard ran into Oliver on his way to the elevator and puts in a good word for Sutton in a totally professional manner. There’s only one thing though, he mentioned Sutton didn’t go to FIT revealing that she lied to Oliver. Sutton shows Oliver her mood board and he doesn’t seem impressed. He goes on to ask her if she went to FIT and she admits she didn’t and Oliver ends their meeting. But Sutton has a plan to show Oliver who she really is. 

Kat gets her phone back from Adena and they have an argument about Adena leaving Kat  to face the police alone. Adena calls Kat out, noting how she doesn’t have the same rights living in America as a lesbian muslim woman. Kat totally disagrees at first until she speaks to Jacqueline who reveals the sad truth and agrees with Adena.

So she writes an article about the political climate for muslim women in America. That evening she visits Adena to give her the recommendation to extend her visa and she also admits that she likes her. Adena returns Kat’s sentiments with a sweet kiss. Sutton manages to move Oliver with her mood board. Jane makes up with Ryan later that night. I think there might be something blooming between the two that goes beyond “friends with benefits.” 

Overall a fanatic job once again tacking #realworldissues! Okay I see you, The Bold Type and I can’t wait to see what else you throw at these fierce ladies in the episodes to come!

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