Teen Wolf: The Benefactor (4×04)

by Elise Kulik

Synopsis: Liam and Malia both end up controlling their transitions and Scott steps up as a new sire; Lydia cracks the code to find a hit list, while someone called “The Benefactor” is paying people for assassinations.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This episode mainly deals in new transformations: Liam’s transitioning into a werewolf for the first time, we see Malia’s transition in self-control, while Scott is finally transitioning into a proper mentor for his new Beta.

I know Scott is the show’s moral compass, so he’s always been a true Alpha in that sense, but this is the first episode, at least for me, where he shows truly how little experience he’s had with actually leading a newbie werewolf.

From hog tying a 15 year old in his bathtub to creepily telling Liam that ‘we’re brothers now,’ it’s pretty apparent that Scott’s trying to find his footing as the sire of a new wolf. MTV keeps on doing these stupid hashtags in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, so I’m going to start my own: #NotHelpfulMcCall.

“The bite is a gift.” #NotHelpfulMcCall
“The bite is a gift.” #NotHelpfulMcCall

Liam’s definitely not helping- he’s actually a little snot with an aggression problem. He got kicked out of school for destroying his teacher’s car.

Meanwhile, the mouthless axe-murderer (Voldemort) from last episode wrecks all shades of havoc around Beacon Hills- one flavor is axe-dipped-in-wolfsbane, intended for Peter, while the other is a C4 wrapped gift at the high school intended for Derek. Both targets escape and Peter mauls Voldy to death in front of the Sheriff.

Bitch deal with it.
Bitch deal with it.

The major revelation this week comes from Lydia. Ah yes- what Jeff Davis christens ‘The Season of Lydia,’ and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Lydia’s stuck dealing with the humans this week while Scott and Kira manage Liam and Stiles coaches Malia during the full moon. Lydia brought the supernaturals up to her parents’ cabin to transform- Scott and Kira convinced Liam to come by telling him it was a party, and lo and behold now 200 freshmen are somehow up in the woods asking where the party’s at.

Who has to deal with the fallout? Lydia. Season of Lydia.

So Lydia throws a party, and the freshmen proceed to break into her parents’ expensive wines (we’re talking $1k bottles here: PLOT POINT) and wander into rooms they’re not supposed to wander into and spill wine on the pristine carpets. We find out through tears and frustration that Lydia’s parents are selling the cabin PLOT POINT and they need every penny OBVIOUS PLOT POINT.


Lydia figures out the room is soundproof when the freshman goes to grab some cleaning supplies, which is both totally not how that works and also totally destroys your credibility because there’s only so much disbelief I can suspend at one time and SPOILERS you can still hear conversations in a sound proof room. 

Anyway, someone at the party gets paid for killing a werewolf via “The Benefactor,” and Lydia ends up cracking the code she wrote in her math book last week with the password “ALLISON,” and I just can’t. Seriously? No funeral but she’s the key to the whole season right now.

She decrypts a supernatural hit list on her computer, and guess what?
Everyone’s on it.

Oh, and Allison’s father is back!


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