Synopsis of 1×07: There’s a new Master of Mayhem in town and he’s putting together the most dastardly challenge for the racers yet: a civilized dinner party…?

We’re nine days into the Blood Drive and the suits are still talking about what changes can be made, how Heart Enterprises’ noble show can be brought to the next level, and they turn to a familiar face for answers: The Gentleman.

Without Grace functioning, Arthur’s forced to attempt to fix the leak in their engine on his own. Stopping to look through his book, he has a flashback to being on the job with Christopher before getting tangled up in the race. Meanwhile, Grace is looking for Slink but happens upon The Gentleman dressed in Slink’s clothes. He shares the good news with her and quickly orchestrates a demonstration of power so that there is no question as to who is in charge of the race now.

But when The Gentleman goes to teach Grace stronger lesson, he learns that he can’t use the implant to kill her inside the party walls. She saunters off with a warning that as soon as she leaves the party, he’ll detonate the implant in her head. When she finds Arthur, he tells her that he’s leaving the race and she agrees to join him in his pursuit of Heart Enterprises now that she knows what happened to Karma.

Back at Heart Enterprises, Slink has been relegated to a janitorial position. He doesn’t take kindly to the knowledge that The Gentleman has taken over for him and sets his sights on Christopher to help him get back his race. Using Christopher’s accesses, he unleashes something for Slink in exchange for the ability to hack Aki back with his eye.

The tipping point for Slink? The Gentleman is holding an upscale dinner party for the racers, which they don’t seem to enjoy much either. At the same time, Grace and Arthur learn from The Scholar that they can’t remove the implants. They move to Plan B, which Grace tells Arthur is, “Just one finger up his ass!” and he’s shoved into what will probably be the worst dinner party of his life.

While Arthur distracts him, Grace tries to get the controller for the implants – but The Gentleman isn’t about to let that happen. He shocks them to their knees before being interrupted by whatever Slink has let loose on the party. While it’s on a rampage, The Gentleman delivers some harsh words to The Scholar as he updates the controller. He still believes that blowing up Grace and Arthur will cement his role as the head of the Blood Drive.

However, it soon becomes clear that, without other options, The Gentleman must make a deal with Grace and Arthur to rid the race of the ogre attacking racers. If they kill it, so that the race can get back on track, The Gentleman will say that they wandered off in the chaos. On the other end, Heart Enterprises is also attempting to deal with the fallout from half the racers being killed off already. Enter Slink to throw Christopher and The Gentleman both under the bus.

At the same time, Christopher goes to confront his old Sergeant about what she’s doing in Heart Enterprises. Stupidly, she taunts him about his newest predicament and how he’s always served Heart through Contracrime. His rage boils over and he kills her while Aki looks on. She assumed it would take much longer to entice him to murder, but when he mentions that love makes you do crazy things, she lifts all of his security controls.

Unfortunately, Grace and Arthur aren’t making progress against the ogre. Fortunately for them, The Scholar hasn’t updated the controller yet and he’s not in any mood to after The Gentleman’s harsh words. Instead, The Scholar goes to help Grace and Arthur in their fight before Slink returns to reclaim his Master of Mayhem title in a blaze of glory. He takes down the ogre and reminds The Gentleman why he’s in charge.

The Gentleman takes the hardline stance of, if he can’t be in charge, no one can and attempts to detonate the chips of all the racers. He only succeeds in blowing himself up and that, unfortunately, is the end of The Gentleman.

In his monologuing, Slink revealed that he drugged Karma in order to get Grace to sign up for the Blood Drive. She overhears him and it renews her quest for vengeance against him. But, he quickly shocks her into unconsciousness, forcing Arthur to load her into the car for the next leg of the race. Arthur also offers a ride to The Scholar and they’re off – Slink’s taking the race to the edge of the scar…

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