Synopsis of 2×07: Everybody knows that Wynonna is pregnant but it’s not until this episode that they all realize Doc might not be the baby’s father. While Dolls and Jeremy help Doc deal with some supernatural lawmen who have been on his tail for over a hundred years, Wynonna and Haught go in search of the other possible father and learn some devastating truths. I hope you’re ready for another emotionally charged episode!

Something you should all remember when starting this episode is that no one knows for sure that Mercedes and Beth are the creepy, specter women breaking seals and killing priests. While it’s clear that Tucker is in league with them based on the events of the last episode neither he nor Hypnos (before Dolls and Wynonna killed him) ever ratted the sisters out.

So all they have right now are Wynonna’s gut feeling that something is wrong with Mercedes – and unfortunately that’s not enough to go all Peacemaker on them. Plus, Mercedes is Wynonna’s only friend so I suspect if she can be saved Wynonna would like to save her. Her brother, Tucker, on the other hand, they’re looking to bring to swift justice.

At least at the beginning of this episode, Dolls and Wynonna seem to be on better terms. He’s concerned about her and the baby – especially since Wynonna insists on being out in the field. But it’s clear, too, that he’s trying to stay in boss mode. Still, he’s trying.

Back at the Homestead, Waverly and Jeremy have teamed up to learn as much as they can about these ‘women in black’ demons and the seals they’re after. It turns out that these demons were the ones who used Doc’s dynamite to escape at the end of the season premiere. Also the seals? Apparently, the text on them translates to: “Let Him Rise.” Yeah, that’s not creepy at all.  

Since Dolls is so concerned about Wynonna being out in the field while pregnant, he and Doc go out and only slightly abduct the local OB/GYN. Wynonna wants genetic testing done – but after she leaves Wynonna reveals to Waverly that Doc might not be the father. And Waverly freaks the shit out about it. Wynonna tries to talk to Doc about it but he’s just so damn nice that she can’t bring herself to hurt him.

 Unfortunately, Waverly isn’t aware that Doc didn’t know the baby might not be his and rushes off to console Doc. Probably not the best way for him to find out you know?

Especially since it turns out that Wynonna isn’t the one we all need to be worried about hurting Doc. We learn that Doc has an overzealous pair trying to track him down on a warrant from over a hundred years ago. Except they aren’t looking to arrest him. They mean to kill him – and the younger of the two marks him with a weapon that burns in a very similar way to Peacemaker.

So impending death plus the possibility that Wynonna’s kid may not be his? Probably not the best way for Doc to go into supernatural battle.  

While all this is going on Dolls has taken Jeremy out on a stakeout of the Gardiner residence. It’s not particularly covert since they are hiding under the guise of keeping an eye out on the house and watching for Tucker. But it’s Dolls and Jeremy together in a car stuck with each other’s company! So that’s entertaining. Luckily for Jeremy he remembers he has a piece of widow’s veil with him before Dolls gets too tired of his rambling and they come up with a  game plan.

Wynonna has her own game plan, though. With Haught in tow she goes off in search of the other possible baby daddies – including a hot guy she hooked up with at a strip joint she used to work at when she was younger. The plan is to get him a drink, steal his glass, and have his saliva tested. Except they find out pretty quickly that he’s actually a Revenant. Because, I mean, of course he is. This is Wynonna Earp we’re talking about. There was no way we weren’t going to run into this plot twist and I’m sure everyone was expecting it.

Just as she’s about to make her escape, though, the hot Revenant comes over to her at the bar. After pretending to take a bunch of shots with him he basically breaks the news that, yes, he is a Revenant and, yes, he knew she was the heir when they hooked up. He also creepily tries to coerce her into having sex again before Haught shoots the circuit breaker and they make their escape.

The dude follows them out and gets super excited about the possibility of an Earp/Revenant hybrid – something that really concerns Wynonna and Haught. Wynonna almost shoots him with Peacemaker when he takes off running. Luckily Waverly arrives and foils his escape. They lock him in the trunk while they try to decide what to do with him.

He’s just so stoked about knocking up a human and even more so because it’s the heir. In his boasting, though, he mentions it may not be the first time a Revenant and a human had a child which such an obvious, thinly veiled reference to Waverly’s ambiguous parentage. And anyway she ends up sending him back to hell so none of it really ends up mattering.

While all of this is happening, Doc and Dolls are having their own shenanigans – and Jeremy is along for the ride.

I mean, when he gets back to the police station Doc is seriously freaking out. He’s arming himself heavily and he’s clearly not in a great headspace. Dolls doesn’t help out much by trying to congratulate him on the baby (that might not be his) and neither does Jeremy who innocently tries to get him to help out with a science project.

But he ends up getting stuck helping Jeremy and Dolls out anyway – and supernatural, science-y shenanigans ensue. By that I mean, Jeremy casts a faulty binding spell and instead of binding the widows to the scrap of veil they found he binds all three of them together. This is, of course, hilarious. At least it is until the supernatural lawman after Doc shows up and tries to hang him on a pipe in the police department. This basically causes the three of them to fly randomly through the air as their motions mimic one another.

Our supernatural lawman is apparently not mortal – he’s some kind of ghost. Neither Jeremy nor Doc can hurt him but Dolls manages to punch him immediately after he says “nothing of this earthly world” can hurt him. But since Dolls is technically a dragon or something I guess he gets a pass. Unfortunately, he’s not alone. There’s a whole ghostly posse out for Doc.

The best part about all of this? The warrant/bounty on Doc’s head is for having sex with a  judge’s wife – twice. They’ve been after him for 135 years for this. Anyway, when they get ready to execute him, Dolls speaks on his behalf in a truly bromantic moment. He also manages to save their lives by realizing that he outranks the ghost US  Marshal. Literally all it takes to save them is Dolls pulling rank. How hilarious is that?

Afterward, Dolls and Doc go back to the station for some more bromantic moments. While Jeremy is sleeping the two of them talk things out. After how upset he was last episode, Dolls is really show just how good of a guy he is by being there for both Wynonna and Doc. Doc has told him he may not be the father of Wynonna’s baby but Dolls makes it clear to him that either way he can still be a father.

The amount of feels this show is giving me is just astounding, I’m telling you.

But, of course, the show has to keep one upping itself.

At the every end of the episode, because things can’t get even more emotional or sad, Waverly finally tells Wynonna that she isn’t an Earp. Then it immediately cuts to the credits because we need to stew on this and how Wynonna is going to react for the next week. Like, seriously, Syfy!? As if you couldn’t break my heart enough you had to go end on a cliffhanger like that. Also, I know it would have to come out at some point but timing is everything, Waverly. It’s not like Wynonna doesn’t have enough to deal with right now…

That said, this show is so good. The writing is great and I just don’t understand how everyone isn’t watching it right now. Every episode leaves you desperately wanting more. And as much as these cliffhangers drive me nuts they’re what keeps me coming back for more!

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