The theme for this year’s San Diego Comic Con seems to be immersive experiences and Alien Covenant is no different in bringing a huge, all-encompassing event. However, it is different (and maybe better) in that no one needs to leave the convention center to participate in the fun.

Head over to booth #3529 to see if you can pass the Colonist Certification Test and check out some of the humorous test results for your fellow colonists. There’s no true way to score things, but suffice it to say no one seems to be doing very well when it comes to certifying so feel free to be creative and make strangers laugh at your photo. There were plenty of straightforward ID shots, but the funniest one I saw in rotation was a man who looked like he’d just gotten punched in his picture.

From there, your group enters into the Colonist Certification test itself in what looks like a cargo container. It’s fully enclosed, with screens, lights, and a guide that sets up the experience. As scenes from the movies play, the cargo container lights up and rattles which only adds to the experience.

A second room intensifies the experience further – we won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll just say that I definitely was making sure that I wasn’t the closest one to the actor standing behind us all. That’s a lesson learned from plenty of jump scares.

When it’s all over, you exit through another side of the booth and receive an exclusive set of six enamel pins that are heavy duty and high quality, a Dave & Buster’s coupon, and a free Vudu rental of Aliens. There’s no question that this swag handed out at the end of the experience was my favorite of the day and will probably end up being my favorite non-tshirt swag of the convention because of how detailed and unique the pins are.

It’s an exciting experience that doesn’t take too long in the Exhibit Hall and, for fans of the Alien franchise, it’s a lot of fun with great swag at the end.

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at Booth #3529 or #4229 this weekend!

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