Synopsis of 1×06: Girl power abounds as Grace’s detour doesn’t turn out exactly as she hopes. More than ever, Arthur needs their partnership to bring down Heart Enterprises.

Arthur tries to apologize to Grace about his actions under the influence last episode, but she brushes him off and he’s abruptly reminded of her murderous tendencies as they prepare for the next leg of the race. Redirected for Grace and Karma’s benefit, the drivers are headed through the heart of a dangerous area. As a bonus, hitting the brakes at all will force racers’ vehicles to shut down completely for ten minutes. Still, nothing’s going to hamper Grace’s good mood.

Christopher is keeping a literal eye on them and has moved up from his mailroom spot to a security guard position with Aki’s help. Also, in case you were wondering, she has a whole vajazzled area. With his new job, he makes it into the Hall of Secrets, but can’t venture any further than that. Slink enters through one of the doors and they posture a bit, with him informing Christopher of Aki’s spying on him, before he excuses himself.

On the road to Amarillo, a barbarian horde on four-wheelers and dirt bikes comes after the drivers. Grace and Arthur escape the initial fray, but Arthur’s panic that they’re going to crash into a roadblock has him slamming on the breaks. Grace informs him that it was a Wile E. Coyote-like trap and they’re in trouble now. When the horde catches up with their disabled vehicle, it’s revealed to be a whole gang of women and I’M SO HERE FOR THIS. HELL YES.

Waiting for someone else to use one of the doors, Christopher manages to sneak into a room labeled ‘Receiving’ in the Hall of Secrets. This forces Aki to initiate corrective action against him and those who are sensitive to vomiting should look away. But, they’re not the only ones with relationship issues as Cliff and Domi continue to argue on their drive. When she slams on the breaks in the heat of disagreement, they’re greeted by more barbarians on the road.

Soon they may even meet up with Grace and Arthur, who were taken hostage by the barbarians and quickly separated. Arthur meets another male captive and learns exactly what the women keep them around for just before Cliff is ushered into captivity with them. Domi’s having a great time though and Grace is simply trying to escape. But that was before the women give her a new lead on her sister.

Slink is meeting with the suits, getting more notes on his show, and it’s nothing he wants to hear. The head honcho wants him removed, permanently,  from the Blood Drive before the show goes public, but there’s something in his contract keeping him from making a final swan song. So, that’s good for Slink at least.

Grace hears from Carolina that her sister died fighting and wants to be left alone at the shrine they built in her honor. Meanwhile, the leader goes after Arthur, who made a failed escape attempt, and Cliff signals to Domi that he needs her help. She takes up the call, easily dispatching more than a few of the women in her path.

Aki greets Christopher when he gets home and he has questions about his day. She confirms that she bugged his eye and gave him a puke cannon of sorts, which upsets him. She also digs that knife further into his back by reminding him that she has no feelings and no purpose except to manage him, which may hurt his feelings more than the puke cannon…

After learning the truth, Grace is coming to terms with her sister’s death and everything she’s done in attempts to get Karma back. It’s a huge burden of guilt that she sets out to get punishment for. Domi comes for Cliff, providing the distraction needed to spare Arthur’s life on the women’s altar, as Grace goes to confront Carolina over her sister’s death. It’s a brutal fight, which Carolina ultimately walks away from after seeing what they’ve done to each other.

Back on the road, Domi and Cliff share a captive – their relationship might be on the mend again. And at the same time, Arthur’s driving Grace’s car and trying to convince her to work with him to get revenge on Heart Enterprises. Unfortunately, it appears as though Grace has checked out of the race now that she can’t get Karma back.

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