Keith Chow has been known in the blogosphere for quite some time. He is the founder/editor-in-chief of The Nerds of Color. And he single-handedly popularized the idea of an #AAIronFist which caused quite a stir during the casting of what is arguably the worst of all the Netflix/Marvel series. Hard N.O.C. Life is the podcast extension of the Nerds of Color, with topics ranging from the DCEU Wonder Woman, Into the Badlands, comics books, and more. 

Keith Chow is the main host, and I should mention that he has some stellar credentials. Besides NOC, he’s also one of the editors of Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology, as well as Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology. His co-editors are Jerry Ma, Jeff Yang, and Phil Yu. Look them up; they’re big-time dudes. Jeff and Phil have their own podcast, but that’s for another Pod Nod. 

What I’m saying is, Keith knows his stuff. And his guests do too. One of my favorite episodes is an interview with Al Gough, one of the showrunners for Into The Badlands. I’ve listened to this episode twice now, and hearing Gough talk will change the way you watch TV.

Keith, being a proponent of Asian-American and POC representation in media, always keeps his talks flowing. It’s never like a lecture and it doesn’t get preachy. It’s like a talk with your buddies in your living room. But only if your buddies happen to be people like Lexi Alexander (director on Supergirl and Arrow), Susan Cheng (Buzzfeed), or Lewis Tan (the hottie with a body who definitely should have been Iron Fist). Frequent guests/cohosts also include writers for the NOC blog, which makes a perfect listen for old and new fans of Nerds Of Color. 

Keith frequently does live events, so keep an eye out for those! We met a Smithsonian event last year when he was speaking with Shawn Martinsbough. Follow Keith at @the_real_chow on Twitter, or @TheNerdsofColor


Hearing differing opinions from different POC is always helpful. People of Color are not a monolith and there’s a healthy amount of debate and discussion. 

Keith’s intense feelings of Lin-Manuel Miranda and all things Hamilton makes my heart happy.

Listen to it at: Website | iTunes | Soundcloud | Facebook

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