In the first half of the second season, we’ve already seen a lot of changes happening inside and outside the castle. With France headed closer to a civil war and the royal couple close to their breaking point, here are my predictions for the rest of the season for each character.


Poor Mary. This season certainly hasn’t been kind to her. After her miscarriage, she and Francis grew distant, and her storyline culminated in rape and revenge. The writers have mentioned that they’re planning on bringing back Mary’s mother for the second half of the season, so I predict the two will have a fair amount of mother/daughter scenes, which will work toward Mary’s recovery. In the meantime, I think Mary and Francis will spend time apart, and when she’s ready, I predict that Mary will have a relationship with Louis Conde.


I don’t have a ton of sympathy for Francis’ character. After murdering his father, he spent the rest of the season under Narcisse’s greasy little thumb instead of being proactive. As if that weren’t enough, he wouldn’t confide in Mary out of some misguided sense of protection – even though she would probably hang with Francis if his crime was discovered, regardless of whether or not she knew about it.

Anyway, without his impending blackmail, I can’t imagine that Francis’ storyline will get much more interesting. I see his character taking a dark turn – the midseason finale showed us what happens when the Protestants had nothing to lose, and now Francis is in the same position. He mercilessly killed his prisoners, and with Mary gone there’s nothing to stop him from unleashing more ruthlessness.


This season has been surprisingly Bash-light, especially considering he’s a fan favorite. I don’t know if the writers will use him more in the second half of the season, but I could see him being used as an ally to dark!Francis or one of his challengers to the throne.


Lola’s primarily been concerned with the safety of her child, which translates directly into securing a comfortable position independent of Francis (AKA she’s looking for some fun with a new marriageable male). So far, Lord Narcisse has been more than willing to fill that role. The two haven’t had nearly enough screen time for a CW series, so I predict that Lola will get a few more steamy scenes with Narcisse before the two settle down and plot against dark!Francis together.


Kenna is one of my favorite characters because she’s fun and sexually liberated and completely anachronistic for the time period. Anyway, if Claude doesn’t die, I predict we’ll be seeing conflict between Kenna and Princess Claude over Bash’s torrid past with his sister. Other than that, I hope we get to see more of Kenna’s interactions with the rest of Mary’s ladies, because the female friendships on this show really carry a lot of the emotional depth of the series.


Claude may or may not be dead after Catherine poisoned her to appease the spirits of her dead twin daughters. Personally, I think this character is far too much fun and far too resilient to be killed off so easily. I predict Claude will make a full recovery and return to torment Kenna and Bash another day.


Greer’s storyline hasn’t been super exciting, and now that Lord Castleroy has fled the castle, I predict that she’ll get with Leith fairly quickly.


As for Catherine, I think she’s falling prey to the same madness which consumed the late King Henry. I think the writers will find her some sort of cure (maybe bringing back Nostradamus in the process), but not before she has a few more crazy ghost sex scenes and attempted murders.


Narcisse is in a tough spot. His leverage over Francis is gone, and after this most recent Protestant attack on the castle, he’s fully realized the error of his ways. I predict he’ll be used as Francis’ puppet for the next half of the season, while gradually growing closer to Lola in the meantime.


After Conde’s ‘revelation’ that he has the feelings for Mary, and the more revelatory revelation that he is working as a spy for his brother, the prince has disappeared. I predict that Conde will be back to challenge Francis for the crown and to win Mary’s heart.

What do you think is going to happen in the second half of this season of Reign? Let me know your predictions in the comments!

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