Synopsis of 03×13: Liv uncovers a shocking truth that has far-reaching consequences; Major looks to the future; Clive gets closure; Blaine makes a business proposal.

The season finale, ‘Mr. Goodbrain Part 2’ picks up right where part 1 left off; Liv, Ravi and Peyton are watching the news report of the explosion where Major and Justin were. Right after the reporter speaks, Major and Justin walk into the house. Liv rushes to hug Major and then Justin.

She and Justin move to a private room to talk; Liv confesses she slept with Chase Graves. She tries to apologize and blame it on Katty’s brain, but Justin is still hurt and tells Liv she could’ve fought the urge to sleep with him. He storms out and yells Chase Graves in front of Major, Peyton, and Ravi.

Blaine’s blue brain business is booming and Don E thinks they can up the price. But business might be in trouble because a shipment of brains was confiscated by the police.

Clive meets Ravi and Liv at the morgue to discuss how the Aleutian Flu outbreak happened on the plane. Blaine meets with Chase to discuss a possible partnership for distribution of brains. Chase declines and in walks Major Lilywhite; Blaine leaves but not before calling Major killer abs. Major asks Chase to let him back in as a soldier; Chase says no. But Major doesn’t take no for an answer and persuades Chase to scratch him so he can become a zombie again.

Ravi sits in on a meeting with the Mayor and the CDC; he learns that the Aleutian Flu virus is spreading and the estimated death toll will be in the thousands. Liv, Clive, and Ravi meet back at the morgue where they discuss the plans for a citywide vaccination.

Liv has a vision that shows Carey killed Katty. Clive and Liv make their way to Fillmore to talk to Carey but they are too late as they witness Chase shoot Carey right in the head. Chase explains that spreading the Aleutian Flu was Carey’s plan and she is responsible for Wally’s death. Clive is relieved to have the case closed, and leaves Chase to clean up the mess.

Clive returns to the station to see Dale sitting at his desk. She tells him about her bust and how one of the guys she arrested said he was Clive’s CI. Dale takes Clive to where the CI is being held and asks him to explain what’s going on. Clive closes the blinds and turns off the camera; he hits the CI and tells Dale everything, about Major, Zombies, the whole nine yards.

Meanwhile, Ravi finds some tainted utopium in Katty’s things and tries to replicate something similar to the cure. Liv has another vision and see’s Carey’s daughter eating brains then hitting Katty over the head. Liv pays Carey’s daughter a visit, only to read text messages that the zombies are planning something that will affect the vaccination for the Aleutian Flu.

Liv calls Peyton to get the location for the vaccinations and discovers Fillmore soldiers are putting their zombie blood into the vaccinations. Liv makes a run for it; Justin spots her and just for a moment Liv hopes he’ll let her go, but he doesn’t, he calls for back up.

Thankfully, Liv manages to get away; she calls Clive immediately and tells him not to take the cure. He doesn’t, but it’s too late for Dale. Liv drives right to Johnny Frost and tells him that he is a zombie; that the reason he’s still hungry is because he’s craving brains.

Johnny doesn’t believe her at first, but when she hands him a tube of brains and he devours it, he knows she’s telling the truth. Johnny goes live on air to tell the people of Seattle the truth: zombies are real! He tells everyone not to take the vaccination and to remain calm. Honestly, I can’t even believe that the show writers actually did this. It’s obvious that this would cause panic and mayhem.

Chase walks into the station and demands they play a recording. The producer doesn’t agree and Chase shoots him. Right after, the video is played. Chase promises everyone that they can live in harmony. That their loved ones suffering from the Aleutian Flu will be safe and never suffer from anything else ever again. He tells the people of Seattle that they will not harvest brains, that they will accept brains from donors.

Clearly this plan isn’t going to last for long. The episode ends with Chase’s plan put to action showing Fillmore soldiers giving out packs of brains. Don E appears on the scene with brains, both regular and blue; making Blaine’s business surge in a major way. Packs of humans with weapons and guns show up to the brain drops and it looks like Major crosses the line and shoots humans, something he wasn’t willing to do before, but my have things changed!

Clive helps Dale dye her hair. They share no words, but you can tell they are both scared and heartbroken. Now that the zombie secret is out, Liv returns back to her normal zombie look hanging up the wig and tanning. She visits Ravi at the lab; who has managed to concoct a zombie deterrent; the only way to be sure it works is to have a zombie scratch him. He asks Liv to do the honors; she does and it’s a total emotional moment.

There are so many things going on! Major became a zombie again but none of his friends know. Justin basically tried to kill Liv, but he and Major remain friends… will this be discussed in the next season? Will Ravi turn into a zombie? Will Chase and Blaine go to war over brains? There are so many unanswered questions!

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