Synopsis for 3×06: Madison further entangles herself with the Ottos, and Troy specifically, while Nick and Alicia seem to do the same with the rest of the family.

While Madison’s kids are concerned that she has yet to return, their respective Ottos (Jake and Jeremiah) assure them that everything is fine. Unfortunately, while Nick is out shooting with Jeremiah, they realize nothing is fine as Troy’s men limp their way home with bruised and bloody feet. Everyone’s families come rushing out to comfort them, everyone except Troy’s, and Mike spills the beans in front of the whole group.

In his office, Jeremiah is yelling at Troy about how he handled the situation when Madison again comes to his defense. Jeremiah explains that Walker is a tribal lawyer and has been fighting for the land since before the end, but he’s never won before. Madison tries to tell him that the man she met yesterday had command of his people, but Jeremiah is skeptical. He sends Jake out to handle the people of the ranch.

Nick and Alicia help to get Madison home and cleaned up. She apologizes to Nick when she realizes Luciana has left, but he brushes it off. Later, while she’s resting, Gretchen comes to her and expresses fear for her family’s safety. Vernon, her father, wants to head for Colorado to another compound and he’s not leaving quietly.

Later, Alicia goes to see Jake while he’s shooting. They talk about their parents and how Madison is fine, but Jeremiah is feeling melancholy because of how the other founders are slowly losing faith and getting picked off. She asks him to help her learn to shoot and encourages him to be the one that people look to when Jeremiah dies.

That night, Jeremiah sees fires lit all around the perimeter of Broke Jaw Ranch to scare his people.

Troy stops Nick from wandering into the pantry in the morning, but is distracted by Vernon’s family taking the flour that they put in because they’re planning to leave. He doesn’t think they should get to take supplies if they aren’t part of the ranch anymore, but they already cleared it with Jeremiah and Troy stalks off to clear up the miscommunication.

Madison tries to warn Jeremiah before Vernon loudly confronts him in public. He announces that they’re leaving and Jeremiah does nothing to convince him not to. Troy is hurt that Mike is leaving too. Madison tries to convince Jeremiah to give them a reason to stay and fight, to keep their numbers strong, but he doesn’t. When Troy tries to stop them from leaving, he gets into a fight with Jake and Jeremiah and Vernon’s family is allowed to go.

When Madison goes to comfort Troy after the fight, he admits that he doesn’t understand why people want to leave. Mike was one of his only friends and Madison tells him to make sure no one else leaves. Energized, Troy tells the rest of his militia that they need to become model citizens. It’s a rousing speech and seems to work.

A drunken Jeremiah is in Nick’s rebuilt house, moving furniture around and reminiscing about the founders of Broke Jaw Ranch. Nick puts him to bed and pretends not to have been around in the morning. Unfortunately, they wake up to find one of Vernon’s horses has returned without the rest of the family.

Jeremiah, Nick, and Madison drive out in search of the camper because of the suspicious circumstances. Jeremiah already thinks that Vernon and his family are dead, he just wants to know how they died. When they get to the camper, it’s clear that it wasn’t Walker’s group because the supplies were left untouched. They have to put down the whole family except for Mike, who was already dead.

Once they get back to the ranch with the bodies, Madison gives a big speech about how much she appreciates her new home and how Walker and his people killed their friends and Travis. Like Troy, she makes a big rallying speech that seems to embolden the people of the ranch.

Meanwhile, Alicia had found Jake ready to leave the ranch alone to speak with Walker and broker a new deal. She asks him not to, but he leaves anyway. During her mother’s speech, Alicia makes the decision to pack her own bag and go after Jake.

At the same time, Nick quietly confronts Madison about how she could sleep after lying about something that big. She doesn’t think Nick would have backed her play if he knew, though he swears he would have. They both know Troy killed Vernon and his family, but it doesn’t do them any good to announce that. Nick tells her not to forget what Troy is before she goes to see him.

He admits that he didn’t mean for things to end that way when Madison confronts him, but that he only wanted to confront Mike. When things were said, the situation got out of hand. Madison is only disappointed that Troy wasn’t able to control himself – he can’t run the ranch and save them from the fight that’s coming if he loses control.

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