Synopsis of 03×01: In the aftermath of last season, the characters, years later, have had to rebuild their lives. None of the team have given up the fight to save the human race and the search for Mitch Morgan continues.

The finale last season brought the show forward a number of years and showed the final generation of human beings conceived pre-sterilization graduating from elementary school. Clementine, Mitch’s daughter, ambushed Abraham and Dariela and insisted her father was still alive. 

The hybrids that supposedly killed Mitch, created in part by the Shepherds and their meddling, had decimated the West Coast of the United States. In response, a wall had been built blocking off that part of the United States and Jackson joined group efforts to evacuate the remaining people living there. Apparently he can control lions with his mind.

Mitch joined us on screen again for the first time since he was mauled to death by hybrid monsters. In a strangely peaceful home he was with Jamie, as it should have been, but of course nothing truly good happens in Zoo. The dream faded and revealed that Mitch was suspended in some sort of stasis tank, beat to heck but healing.

Non-dream-Jamie was chatting up a gentleman in New York City about an exclusive on the book, but something definitely seemed fishy about it. After she left the party she returned to the plane the team once used to try and stop the apocalypse and spliced together words from her conversation with the journalist to create what sounded like a pass phrase.

Back in the hybrid zone Jackson tricked some sort of rhino hybrid monster into getting locked up and sent some blood to Abraham to analyze. As you do.

Clementine filled Abraham and Dariela in on what she had found. She believed her father was being kept in Eastern Siberia in an abandoned research lab and wanted to beat the IADG, the organization handling the animal crisis, to finding him. We learned very quickly that they wouldn’t, though, as the IADG crew arrived and got Mitch out of stasis.

Jamie, who somehow became a super spy over the years, broke into a safety deposit box using the previously created passphrase. When she returned to the plane she was ambushed by Logan, our friendly former mercenary (and her ex-boyfriend), accompanied by the NYPD. He took what she had stolen and told her to stop trying to track down the shepherds, which is apparently what she had been doing under the guise of being a journalist.

Abraham and Dariela agree to help Clementine find Mitch and filled Clem in on Abraham’s research. He was still seeking a cure to reverse humanity’s sterilization. While Clem was there he received the sample Jackson took from the new hybrid and ran it.

Somewhere in Siberia, the IADG tried to question Mitch who did not look so great after spending so much time in a stasis tank. He didn’t say much except to ask through sloppy writing for proof.

Back in the safe zone just outside of the hybrid zone, a kid Jackson saved asked him how he controlled the lions. With his mind, of course! But the kid did not believe him so he came up with some other explanation. In other hinky news, a lady claiming to be with the IADG came to pick up the hybrid but set up a bomb instead.

Clem, bailing on Abraham and Dariela, called Jamie to ask for her help and ran off to meet up with her. Abraham and Dariela weren’t thrilled but when they went back to the lab they saw that the DNA Jackson had sent them was already starting to grow.

Logan returned to the police station and handed over the device Jamie had located. It looked like a hard drive and he wanted to know what was on it. What he did not know was that it was the same device the lady had placed at the safety facility in the hybrid zone – a bomb. The bomb went off there and in the police station.

It turns out the Clem working with Jamie may be Not-Clem. The real Clementine appeared to be at the facility where Mitch was being held, giving him a reality check, hoping to get him back to a state of mind where he could help. Not-Clem, on the other hand, had tricked Jamie and got a suspicious text from an unknown number telling her the FBI was back.

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