Clone Club isn’t a fun place to be for anyone, but it does have its pros.

But it’s mostly cons with blonde Killer Clone still on the loose. She breaks into a home to stitch herself up, and is caught in the act by the little boy who lives there. She doesn’t kill the boy, only occupies him with a morbid version of one of those paper fortunetellers. When Sarah and the police get to the scene, the boy identifies the “angry angel” by pointing at Sarah. The police take that to mean the killer is a woman about Sarah’s (Beth’s) size.

Back at the station, the Killer Clone calls Sarah, identifying herself as Helena. Helena wants to meet with Sarah alone. As an extra incentive, while Sarah is out with the cops investigating an address written in the fortuneteller, Helena walks right into the police station, with her hair concealed in a beanie. She rearranges some of the evidence photos before sitting at Sarah’s (Beth’s) desk. She has time to get into all sorts of trouble, answering a call from Paul and telling him to come pick her up, scratching out Paul’s eyes in the photo on the desk, and leaving behind a photo of Maggie Chen.

It now looks to Sarah like Maggie Chen and Helena were in cahoots, and Beth may have killed her on purpose. Cosima, who is using her genius-level brainpower to investigate clues left by Helena (particularly her knife which bears the same symbol tattooed on the back of Chen’s neck) confirms that Beth never said anything about Chen. What she does know is that between the Christian symbol and the writing on Helena’s wall, they appear to be dealing with a religious zealot, killing the clones because they are an abomination.

To add to the mystery that was Beth Childs, when Paul shows up, having responded to Helena’s request over the phone, he makes it known that Beth had been considering leaving the police. It’s all Sarah can do to convince Paul that she’s fine, and convince Art that she has no intention of leaving.

Another call from Helena makes it impossible for Beth to not go meet her. While she had been at Beth’s desk, Helena recorded a video confessing to the purposeful shooting of Maggie Chen and emails it to Sarah. As if that’s not a tight enough position to be in, Sarah is also due to visit Kira that same night, a final chance given to her by Mrs. S. to prove she’s fit for custody. Here’s where the pros of Clone Club come in. Intent on going to face Helena, Sarah sends Felix to Alison’s to get her to go in her place.

Alison’s already on edge as it is. She’s sent her kids away to her parents’ for the night and is sitting home alone with a glass of wine and her gun. At first, she says no to Felix, saying that maybe Kira is better off in Mrs. S.’s hands. Felix isn’t having it. He points out how hypocritical it is of her not to help with Sarah’s child, while Sarah chose not to run with Alison’s money and is out risking her life posing as Beth to keep them all safe, Alison’s kids included. The penny drops and Alison, a veteran of the community theater stage, gets her British punk persona on (with a lot of help from Felix).

The showdown between Helena and Sarah takes place at Maggie Chen’s apartment, where Sarah finds Helena practically dying from her wounds. Sarah is able to discern that Helena was told that she was the original, and that Helena feels a connection with Sarah, but not with the other clones. But Art is right on Sarah’s heels, and Sarah is forced to let Helena escape out the window before he can get in and see what’s going on. Between having to explain why she’s in the apartment of the woman she’s meant to have shot, or having to explain the clone situation, the former is simpler, but not by much.

At Mrs. S.’s, things are going well, but not because Alison has everyone fooled. Mrs. S. buys the twin swap, but Kira, of course, knows Alison is not her mum. Luckily, Alison manages to play it off, explaining to Kira that her mum is out doing something very brave to keep everyone safe so that she can come back and see her. She even convinces Kira to go along with the charade of her being Sarah. Mrs. S. is impressed and says she can continue to visit, so Alison says she (Sarah) will walk Kira home from school the next day.

Back at the police station, there’s nothing more Sarah can say to convince Art and the police chief that she was ready to return to work. She hands her gun and badge over, despite their protestations. Meanwhile, Helena only managed to stagger through the streets so far before she collapsed and was picked up by a mysterious man with a van.

Without Beth’s police ties, where will that leave the clones? Especially since it looks like Sarah will be needing to do some investigating into Paul. It may also be worth noting from this episode that Alison, whose own children are adopted, seems to be taken aback when she learns that Kira is Sarah’s biological daughter. Does this suggest that Sarah was actually the original? It’s all speculation right now, so stay tuned.

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