Synopsis of 2×09: Reiner and Bertholdt take refuge in the forest while they wait for nightfall, like the punks they are. The garrison regiment utilizes this opening to reach the forest before they escape.

If Attack on Titan had fillers, that’s what this episode would be. Twenty minutes of filler with minimal story progression. Although I will say the decision to place Reiner and Bertholdt on the branches above Eren and Ymir was absolute genius. It portrayed a brilliantly, subtle implication of just how weak and powerless the two prisoners are before their authoritative captors above them.

Eren wakes to stubs for arms, next to Ymir who shares his condition. Reiner and Bertholdt watch them from above. After a few stern glares are exchanged, he attempts to bite into the stub and transform, but they urge him to stop. There are far too many titans in the area, including two creepy ones.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the talent that the show creators have for making these hilariously weird titans. Really, some of these guys are just plain funny looking.

But hey, at least,we got a heads-up. Almost halfway through the episode, we get a bunch of Eren’s inner dialogue and he decides to get all of the information he can out of the others until he’s strong enough to recover. For us, that means less fighty-fighty and more talky-talky. In other words, a filler episode.

Eren’s captors and Ymir explain all the reasons that he doesn’t stand a chance of escaping. Reiner breezes over the fact that the titans at the castle were able to move at night even though the ones surrounding them won’t be able to. Will we ever learn the nature behind that or is that the best we’re going to get? Who knows, but I sure hope for the former.

Members of the garrison regiment all ride towards the forest, led by Commander Erwin. It’s a pretty good system, what with flares used to signal the locations of titans and protect the garrison.

Once again, they’re trying to slide Jean into the background, having him riding behind Mikasa and Armin. I see you, I notice that and it’s much appreciated.

While Eren, Ymir, and Bertholdt wait for nightfall, Reiner starts tripping. His apparent amnesia and comrade banter reveals that he often experiences a mental discrepancy. This crazy dude actually forgets that he’s not on humanity’s side from time to time and believes that he is just a soldier like any one of the fighters he’s lying to. Eren doesn’t take it too well. When Reiner’s surprised at Eren’s anger and acts innocent, it’s pretty amusing. Bertholdt has to remind him that he’s not a human soldier and the shocking revelation pains him. It takes a little time for him to fully recover.

According to Ymir, he couldn’t cope with the sins he committed against humanity and this caused a split in his memories. Since when did she become a psychologist?

Eren reminds Bertholdt that the piece of wall he kicked crashed straight into Eren’s home, trapping Eren’s mother and making her escape impossible. Damn, Bertholdt. Even for a titan-riddled post-apocalyptic world, that’s messed up dude. You literally caused his mother’s death. What do you have to say for yourself?

All he can say is that in the moment of hearing Eren recall his mother’s death, he just felt sorry for him.

Eren and Reiner launch into a yelling bout. Nothing important. 

Ymir asks about the beast titan. Now that’s what I want to know. Reiner’s one of those people who answers a question with question. Not “here’s the info about the titan,” but “what do you know about the titan?” Thanks guy, that’s very helpful.

Ymir has been really good at pinpointing relevant information lately by the way. Meanwhile, Eren’s completely out of the loop. Just then, they each notice the flares from the scouts and they’re only… one hour from sunset.

What did you think? Was this one of the worst fillers you’ve seen or is Naruto the reigning champ in that department? Leave a comment and let us know. We’d love to hear it.

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