Synopsis of 03×03: The crew tries to broker peace for a rebellion, but they won’t go out the way they came in.

The Raza crew is back, and they’ve already received their first mission. Tabor (their handler) has called upon the crew to pick him up from a factory on a colony owned by the Tragot Corporation.

Obviously the Raza is well known and has a reputation, so when they reach the colony and try to land, Tragot soldiers tell them they can’t land. Two, like a boss, tells them they weren’t asking for permission. The crew lands and looks for Tabor. However, they quickly learn that Tabor isn’t there when a band of colony rebels surround them with guns.

Right before Two kills everyone, Adrian Maro appears claiming he is the person that contacted the Raza. Two questions Adrian and he explains that he was Tabor’s assistant, but he fled once the war with the corporations started. Adrian tells the crew that he has all of Tabor’s contacts and can easily be their new handler. But is that really what the Raza crew cares about at this point? They have other serious issues to attend to!

Once the colony rebels learn that it’s really the Raza crew, they welcome them with open arms and immediately ask for their help in declaring independence from the corporation. Adrian admits that he’s only at the colony to help convince the workers to fight for independence so he can get a piece of the money when they join the union.

Two and Six have a disagreement; Two doesn’t want to fight their fight (she’s done enough of fighting for the crew and herself to be honest), but Six wants to help the rebels. He’s been wanting to help people for a while, so he focuses his attention on trying to get Two to reconsider. Two never agreed to help anyone and she thinks the Raza crew sucks at being the good guys. Six tells her this is the kind of change they’ve been talking about, and now they have a chance to do something. Two doesn’t budge and reminds Six that bad things happen when they try to be heroes.

Three makes a new friend with Adrian’s bodyguard, Solara (kidding, he doesn’t like her obviously!), she’s tough as nails and feisty (I love it!). Just moments after Two and Six have spoken with two of the rebel leaders there’s an explosion. The crew all run over to see what’s going on and discover that one of the rebel leaders was killed in the explosion.

The rebels all think the Tragot soldiers are the ones who caused the explosion and they want payback for killing one of their own. Six steps up and tells the people that this isn’t want they want, they don’t want to start a war they can’t win. The rebels don’t agree, but Six manages to persuade them when he volunteers himself to go and negotiate with the Tragot soldiers. The rebel workers agree to let him speak on their behalf and they say if it doesn’t work they’ll try other methods.

Meanwhile back on Zairon, Four and Teku discuss Misaki’s role and her relationship to Four. Teku does not think it is appropriate for Misaki to act as mediator for the court. Four swiftly silences him though, and even says that Misaki’s temporary absence from the court is for the best. I secretly wonder if Four killed Misaki… I’m just saying he nearly strangled her in the previous episode when he found out she killed Nyx.

Six meets with the soldiers and uses his stellar negotiating skills to broker a deal. By the grace of the Raza crew, Six gets the soldiers to agree on leaving the colony and letting them fight for their independence. Six tries to seal the deal with the soldiers leader when bullets fly from behind him and the soldier’s leader receives a bullet to the head. Confused and upset, Six tries to convince the rest of the soldiers that this was not his plan and not how things were suppose to go down. They ignore him and tie him up and set out to set things straight with the workers.

The rebel team who sought revenge comes forward boasting about what they’ve just done. Two knocks the twerp that shot at the corporation and ruined Six’s plan square in the jaw (she has a nice hook by the way). Then Two and Three devise a plan to rescue Six while Five hangs with the rebels and Adrian to make sure nothing else goes wrong.

Solara demands to go with Two and Three to prove herself to Three. They let her join them and storm in to the room and spot Six tied up and gagged. Two stops just in the nick of time before touching the wire rigged with explosives around Six’s chair. She looks at Six and then at the others. Next thing you know there’s three explosions. I won’t lie, for a moment I thought Six died, or got injured, but he was fine!

Meanwhile, Android has found an anomaly on the ships computer. Android runs diagnostic until she cracks the code and discovers Five’s secret. Five learns from Adrian that the original Raza crew included Boone, Ryo, Shrike, and Jasper. Curious, she asks what happened to Shrike and Jasper, Adrian mentions Portia. But before Five can probe deeper, they hear the explosions followed by the soldiers taking the workers hostage.

Five manages to get in touch with Two finally and fills her in on what’s going on. Two, Three, and Solara point guns at the soldiers while Six takes control of the room. Six convinces the soldiers to drop their weapons and to take the deal they agreed to before. They all agree when one rebel soldier tries to pick up a gun. Six grabs it first though and nobody else dies.

Six revisits the explosion where the rebel leader was killed. He believes the explosion was actually an inside job and not the Tragot soldiers doing. But before anything else can be discussed among Six and the rebel leader, Six over hears a familiar voice. Turns out it was an inside job, a rebel worker concocted the entire thing and contacted The General for help. Six begs the workers not to appoint The General as their leader. He tells them all the terrible things he’s done, and still they say they need the help.

Two grabs Six and tells him to let it go, and the Raza crew heads for the ship along with Adrian and Solara. Six gets a call from the rebel leader begging for them to come back. So they do. They hear gunshots and walk in on all of the Tragot soldiers dead. While The General rounds up other workers, Six stares at the piled up dead bodies, upset and sad all at once.

The next thing you know, he draws his gun and shoots The General right in the head. Shortly after, Six tells the Raza crew that he is staying behind to help the colony gain their independence. Two can’t believe it, but she doesn’t push Six to return to the ship. She does say she’ll be checking in on him though. I hope this isn’t the last we see of him!

Once the crew returns to the ship, Solara and Adrian ask to stick around for a bit. Five thinks it’s a good idea considering they are down a few people (RIP Nyx and we’ll miss you, Six!). Two agrees but tells Five she’s in charge of keeping an eye on them. The Android finds Five and tells her she’s discovered her secret. So the cat is definitely out of the bag!

Five meets with the crew to tell them what she’s done and discovered about Sarah. Three is in utter shock and at a lost for words. Two seemed opened and intrigued by the idea. I’d say it has to do with her feeling some kind of connection because of her nanites.

We didn’t see much of Four this episode, but he did manage to hire a few assassins to track down the Raza crew and kill them.

So many questions. Will Six really stay on the colony? Does Three want to connect and see Sarah again? Will Adrian and Solara be trouble for the crew?

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