After a wonderful first season and a good second season, Marvel’s Daredevil season 3 is the best. There’s tension, emotion, laughter, and just about any other kind of emotion, you can think of. 

With the return of Wilson Fisk and the addition of Bullseye, this season put our hero in quite a tough position. He was forced to test his limits even more than before while protecting the ones he loves.

In The Defenders, Matt Murdock was last seen still at the lowest level of the building with Elektra. In this season of Daredevil, we find him alive and back to where he spent his childhood. Sadly, we don’t get any Elektra in the season. With her fate still murky, it won’t be surprising if she shows up again in the future.

One thing that worked this season is the different ways that characters had time to shine. Significant chunks of the season focus on the supporting characters. We learn about Karen’s past with her brother, Dex’s childhood, and meet Foggy’s whole family. We also got more backstory for Matt Murdock.

The episode that gave us a glimpse into Benjamin Poindexter’s life was mesmerizing. It might just be the best kind of origin story on a TV show we’ve ever seen.

Most of the season, Fisk is able to manipulate nearly everyone into working for him. He weaves together his plan to ruin Daredevil and get himself back on top with expert skill. His ultimate goal: getting Vanessa back by his side.

Everyone had incredible performances this season. Elevating their game to awards level. Every single person deserves endless recognition for their work.

The scene in which Matt is face to face with Wilson and is trying to resist the urge to kill him is one of the greatest scenes in TV history. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio deliver two of the most powerful performances. Wilson Bethel also delivers a tremendous performance that will leave you in awe. We also get a great performance by Jay Ali who brings to life a tormented and sensational character in Ray Nadeem. You’ll be rooting for him. 

The direction this season was also fantastic. There is a remix on the infamous hallway fight scene it’s light years better than what we’ve seen in season 1 and season 2.  It showcases how the show has evolved since its season one roots.

The final episode sets up what we likely be Bullseye as the villain in season 4. His origin story has been told and as the episode ends he’s getting his spine fixed and thus, the beginning of Bullseye as we get a shot of the bullseye in his eyes. No talk about season 4 yet from Netflix, but it could very well top this one at the rate they are going.

What did you think of this season? Did you binge it all the way through? Spread out your viewing? What was your favorite part? Let us know below!

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