Synopsis of 2×08: This episode of Attack on Titan is relatively lighter, compared to its brethren. The troops rest and replenish on top of the wall before the arrival of reinforcements provides them the opportunity to chase after Eren.

The colossal titan’s plunge ended Attack on Titan’s last episode. The blast blows all the regiment back and they watch as the armored titan escapes with Eren. 

Wait a second. There’s Jean again, sitting with the rest of the military police and wondering if the rest of his old regiment is still alive. Guess he’s starting to regret his decision huh? Seems like the writers might be regretting it too and harbor plans to bring him back into the story. Well for the record, you won’t hear any arguments from this guy.

The advanced squad arrives at Trost and recounts to the military police the events of the past few episodes, including three new titan shifters.

Attack on Titan and Flashbacks go together like burgers and my stomach 

Welcome to this episode’s flashback. It’s pretty familiar territory. Armin’s failure to defend himself, Eren fighting for him, and Mikasa stepping in to pick up the slack. Armin is once again relieved of his rations by neighborhood bullies. So, Eren comes to collect and finds himself in a 3-on-1 fight.

The inebriated troops of the past ignore the conflict, including Hannes. They ignore the shopkeeper, stating that someone will be along soon who can help better than they can. Read as Chandler of Friends: (trust me, you’ll be all the better for it), “Could there be a better entrance?” Enter Mikasa, from off-screen with the sweet flying kick.

Sidenote: It must really suck to get kicked in the face in general, but especially by a shoe-protected foot. Who knows where that shoe has been, or what it’s stepped on and it’s made your face the next stepping point. 

Pretty soon it’s an all out brawl between the kids, Hannes and the shopkeeper. I think the shopkeeper was a boxer in his past life. The superiors arrive to break it up and the bullies retreat, with Eren following after them.

Back to the good stuff

Mikasa awakes and Armin explains the armored titan’s escape with Eren five hours ago. With the horses on the other side there’s nothing the troops can do until the lifts arrive.

I feel like Mikasa and Armin have some hidden abandonment issues, solemnly waiting to save Eren and wondering why he’s always so far from them. Hannes brings rations. They reminisce over Eren’s ferocity and determination, which remains constant regardless of who he’s up against. In this, they find hope and a renewed sense of grit. So that’s what that flashback was for? I guess there’s a purpose after all? Not really since these traits have made up Eren’s character since the beginning. 

I get that they’re fired up, but man, do they have to chomp at the rations like that? Such brutal treatment of food is a hard pill to swallow.

Anyhoo, the reinforcements arrive with Commander Erwin in charge.

Hange determines that they can catch the titan shifters and rescue Eren if the troops can make it to the forest by nightfall. She believes that the forest is a temporary safe haven for Reiner and Bertholdt. Their exhausted states have rendered them vulnerable to titans. Never mind the humorous fact that she’s explaining all of this from the ground. The last battle left her a little worse for the wear, but that won’t stop this titan lover.

They ride out, with the fate of humanity hanging on the success of their attempt to save Eren.

What do you think? Will they be able to save Eren this time and just how many lives is his worth? Leave a comment and let us know. We’d love to hear it.

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