When Gotham wrapped up it’s second season we were left with a lot of questions. Who funded Hugo Strange’s research? Where did all the inmates go? What does the future hold for Gotham City? Where do our favorite characters go from here? We were introduced to an incredible number of new characters and intermingled storylines.

To say that a lot happened in this past season would probably be an understatement.

The show’s third season promises even more thrills and new character introductions this time framed by an overarching plot involving the Court of Owls. If you’re a comic book fan and are familiar with the Court of Owls already, you should definitely be excited. And if you’re not the you’re in for a real treat as Gotham takes it’s unique spin on this particular part of Batman lore.

We had the chance to sit down with some of the cast and show runners of Gotham to talk about what’s coming in the next season.


Morena Baccarin was able to give us some insight on where her character, Lee Thompkins, is at the beginning of the third season. She had a really rough time last season. Her relationship with Jim fell apart, she lost her baby, and even after Jim cleared his name he left her alone without even trying to find her. Morena felt that for Lee leaving Gotham (and staying away) was about getting some perspective on her life. She needed space.

But even then, she still hoped Jim would come find her.

When he didn’t, she moved on. This season she’s with Mario Falcone – the son of Carmine Falcone. He’s a doctor and it turns out he’s the real reason she’s back in Gotham. His job brings them back to the city – and we can’t wait to see what this new dynamic in Lee and Jim’s relationship brings.

Or what the future holds for Lee now that she’s drawn back to Gotham!

Chris Chalk was also on hand to talk about his character – Lucius Fox. One of the real break out characters of last season, Lucius had really started to become an awesome part of Gotham in his own right. After talking with Chalk, we’re really excited to see what the third season has in store for Lucius.

As Chris puts it, Lucius is “getting better at being Lucius” this coming season!

Now that Ed Nygma has gone crazy, it looks like Lucius may be taking up his role with the GCPD. He’s over all the corruption at Way Enterprises, it seems, and instead he’s looking for other ways to help out. By teaming up with the GCPD he’s able to be a strong ally to both Jim and Bruce. While he might not be with the company any more he can still help.

Oh, and we MIGHT be seeing Lucius bringing in some of the famous Batman gadgets (something Chalk neither confirmed nor denied).

Another character who is truly going to come into her own from the sounds of things this season is Erin Richards’s Barbara. This coming season Barbara and Tabitha are going to be running their own Sirens club.

Richards is really excited for this season. The club set is apparently phenomenal and we can’t wait to see it. We also can’t wait to see Barbara truly embracing her new identity and really living in the moment. Richards seems to have really enjoyed exploring Barbara as a character – especially as she’s learned to embrace her dangerous side.

Season Three sounds like it’s going to let us see a lot more of Barbara really being Barbara.

I’m pretty excited to see how things play out for her because Barbara has had one of the craziest character arcs so far in Gotham. One minute she’s the doting girlfriend, the next minute she’s murdering her parents. And she had a rollercoaster of a ride this past season. I can’t want to see what Barbara does when she’s really in control of her own future.

Lastly, we talked to executive producer Danny Cannon about what the show runners have planned for the next season. Everyone seems really excited to bring The Court of Owls into things and to see where that takes Gotham. As Cannon says, “All characters will be judged.”

Besides The Court of Owls, we’re also going to se some new singular villains coming into the city. If you’ve been paying attention to the casting news we’ll be seeing The Mad Hatter among others taking center stage. Cannon told us that while everyone’s stories ultimately tie into the over-arching story arc involving the Court each character will be getting their own, individual story arcs as well. Cannon also gave us a little insight on Bruce and Selina’s relationship and hinted at us learning a bit more about Lucius’s backstory.

If you’ve been watching the last couple of seasons, you’ll know that’s something that Gotham does really well. They manage to develop everyone’s individual story while tying it all into the main plot line. So even when the show goes a little off the rails, it manages to keep on track!


We’re super excited for the next season of Gotham. Check out our roundtable videos and let us know what you’re most excited about in the upcoming third season!

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