Five Points Festival will kick off this coming Friday with the Designer Toy Awards, followed by two days packed full of toys, comics, food, and beer. You can read more about the event here.

Much to our delight, it was announced yesterday that there will be a series of festival exclusives that fans will not be able to pick up anywhere else. Below is the list of the exclusives released yesterday from Clutter Magazine, made specifically for Five Points Festival.

Luke Chueh’s Black & Bone Dissected Bear Head

Clutter Magazine


This endearing fellow is one of only 50 pieces that will be available at the convention. The Five Points Festival release will come complete with the pictured convention exclusive red blood pool. 

Have your cash ready because this item will be priced at $100/piece and they won’t be around long. Be sure to stop by booth #234 to grab yours before it is gone and add this beautiful Luke Chueh creation to your collection. 

Luna the Lantern Monster – Clutter Pink Edition!

Clutter Magazine


This little one is actually my favorite so far of the available exclusives. Who could say no to that endearing under-bite and the joy embedded in these particular shades of pink? This little one is called the “Clutter Pink” edition and is designed by Jenn and Tony Bot (the bots) produced through Urban Vinyl Daily.

Luna stands at approximately 6.5″ tall and is limited to just 50 pieces which will be priced at $60/piece. These will also be available at Clutter Magazine’s Five Points booth, #234. 

My birthday is coming up, by the way…

Masterwork Cadaver Kid – Five Points Edition

Clutter Magazine


Clutter Magazine is very excited to be dropping the latest colorway of Splurrt’s Masterwork Cadaver Kid! This “milky vinyl” figure with purple glitter stands between 10-12″ tall. It is the most exclusive release at the Clutter Magazine booth so far with only 12 available, all of them dropping at 11am Saturday, May 20th. 

These guys will be $165/piece which makes them the most expensive of the named exclusives. If you want to add this kid to your collection then you will want to be at the festival first thing in the morning to try and get your hands on one. Don’t miss out on this great exclusive!

Of course, this is just a small sample of the exclusives that will be available across Five Points Festival this weekend. Be sure to check out the Clutter Magazine booth, #234 to nab them, and keep your eyes out on our coverage of the event so you’ll have first look at incoming exclusives. We’ve got you covered. 

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