Synopsis 02×16: An orderly at a mental health facility is killed and a patient named God Johnson becomes the primary suspect. However, there’s a lot more to God than meets the eye.

At the start of this week’s episode the audience sees Lucifer being wheeled off in a delirious state on a gurney, claiming he made up the whole thing about being the devil. Not clear how he got into that predicament, the episode rewinds to 36 hours earlier to a session with Lucifer and Linda.

She brought up issues she had regarding Lucifer’s secret plan to boot his mom into Heaven because of the possible fallout. She asked him what Maze thought about it and he revealed that he was keeping it a secret from even her and that Linda had nothing to worry about… probably. 

With Lucifer keeping his distance Maze appears to have imprinted on Chloe, going so far as to make her breakfast (burnt toast – yum). Chloe suggested that they spend some time apart since Maze had been rather attached and Maze, not quite seeming to get the hint, suggested that she stick to organizing the social side of their friendship. 

On her way to investigate the newest case Chloe brought up her concerns about Maze to Lucifer who brushed them off, telling Chloe she was the “new him” for Maze. They arrived on the scene of a murder in a psychiatric hospital where an orderly had been hit on the head with a backgammon board. Somehow that was not the most interesting part of the story as it was revealed that the patient who found the body went by the name of God Johnson and really believed himself to be God. 

Going against orders as per usual, Lucifer went to talk to God Johnson. His intention seemed to be to mock him and convince him that God was not worth impersonating only to get a surprise: on his way out, God Johnson called him by his old name, “Samael,” and Lucifer hadn’t even introduced himself. He turned and looked at God Johnson, suddenly wondering if it could really be his dad in the flesh. 

Perturbed by the interaction he talked to Amenadiel, who seemed less than convinced that God Johnson had anything to do with their father. Why would God come to earth? Lucifer pointed out that earth wasn’t all bad, though Amenadiel countered that it was incomparable to heaven. Lucifer reminded him that there were things he liked about earth, like Maze. 

Charlotte, absent from the discovery of God on earth, spent some time terrorizing Dan at the station as she tried to seduce him. More on that later. 

Chloe checked in with Ella about the case and they found God Johnson’s fingerprints on the victim’s body. They were linked to a wealthy Texan oil businessman named Earl who gave away all of his money and possessions, claimed he was God, and ended up committed. He immediately became the prime suspect but because of Lucifer’s earlier antics they would not be allowed to interview him without court proceedings. To get around it, Lucifer decided to check himself into the hospital. 

When his attempts to get information on God Johnson came up empty he followed him out of the room and found him in a corridor holding a woman by the neck. The woman’s throat had been slashed and Lucifer tried to intervene only to be told off because God was trying to heal her. With his own eyes, Lucifer watched as the supposed pretender healed the woman. Once he realized it could really be his dad he socked him in the face.

Unhappy with Lucifer’s erratic behavior, Chloe almost pulled the plug on their undercover mission only to be convinced to let Lucifer ride it out. She spoke with the doctor and shared her concerns about Lucifer’s behaviors, to which the doctor responded kindly and then asked for her phone number.  

Lucifer faced down his father and told him he needed to apologize, aired his grievances, and then demanded an apology once again. His eyes flashed but before things got more intense Dr. Linda interrupted the conversation, informed about Lucifer’s situation by Chloe. She had a bit of a panic when she realized God was on earth and she had been in the same room with him, but Lucifer told her about his new plan: get his parents to fall back in love so they’ll destroy each other. 

Maze did some planning of her own, of the social variety. Chloe told her about the doctor who had seemed interested in her and Maze offered to set up a date. Chloe said thanks but no thanks, as if Maze would listen. 

Thanks to a tip from Lucifer and Ella’s work, Chloe was put on the trail of “Santa Claus,” or at least someone who looked like him as the killer. Without the ability to access patients, Chloe thought she could use the doctor to get information by taking him on a date. The whole thing was a mistake from start to finish, between Maze being weird, Amenadiel showing up, and everyone being socially awkward. Once Amenadiel and Maze left the room he spilled the beans about their plan to return to heaven, assuming Maze knew when she didn’t. 

The dinner ended awkwardly when the doctor got word that Lucifer had broken out of the facility to God Johnson. He’d taken him to Lux to try and set him back up with mom and it seemed to be working after a rough start. Right when they kissed the party was broke up by the police and a less-than-amused Chloe, who is still out of the whole heavenly loop and doesn’t understand why Lucifer is acting the way he is. 

After that whole kerfuffle, the final connections on the case were made. The Santa hair was from a costume, not a patient. When Chloe looked for the mask at the hospital it was missing and it appeared on a mystery person who approached a very drugged up Lucifer and knocked him out. He came to during the first scene of the episode as he was carted off and joined God in a dark basement room, strapped to gurneys. 

The mystery killer was a nurse who had gotten her mother, the woman with the slashed throat, admitted as revenge for a rough childhood. More interestingly though, when she went to find a ladder, Lucifer and God had a few moments together. God finally apologized and told Lucifer he was proud of him. Moments later the nurse returned and removed God’s belt, also removing any presence of the divine as plain old Earl asked what the hell was going on just as Chloe and the police arrived to apprehend their killer. 

Lucifer realized the belt buckle was significant, heavenly, and remembered Uriel’s words about the “peace/piece” is here. Thinking the buckle might be part of the flaming sword he presented it to Amenadiel, but it was not quite right. 

I said we would get back to Charlotte and Dan and the end of the episode did. After being brushed off at the police station she showed up at his door and shared that she had kissed her ex-husband and realized it wasn’t him. She appeared upset and wanted them to “just hold each other.” Dan reluctantly agreed. 

At the end, Lucifer sent Earl off in a cab after finding out he had been in New Mexico and found the belt buckle in a shop. Earl apologized for anything he might have said but Lucifer said not to because he had told him things he always wanted to hear from his dad. As he departed, Earl asked if the words made a difference. Lucifer said yes, he had gone from angry to furious because he knew he would never actually get to hear his father say them. Ouch. 

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