Synopsis of 2×03: Scouts reach Wall Rose without sight of a single titan and, after crossing paths with fellow nape-slicers, take a rest in castle ruins. Eren’s carriage ride to Wall Maria makes a pit stop when vital information reveals itself at Ehrmich District.


So Connie’s shedding crocodile tears because his destroyed hometown leads him to believe that his family is dead. What he’s neglected to notice, as two other scouts point out, is that the complete lack of blood and bodies means that everyone must have evacuated before the titans came knocking.

It still begs the questions, why were the houses destroyed if no one was there for the titans to attack and how did the town evacuate so quickly without the horses left in their stable? As everyone leaves, the titan laying on Connie’s home tells him, “Welcome home.” It freezes Connie in his place until Reiner urges him to put the town miles behind them. Of course Connie fails to explain the situation because that would make everything too simple.

After finding no titans during their scouting, Ymir’s and Christa’s squad heads south towards the wall. Ymir requests to leave the frontline, along with Christa, but her commander shuts her down. She refuses to let them leave the front and reminds her that they signed up for this as soldiers, as she does so fully equipped with swords and maneuvering gear. I agree, but still kinda harsh considering that they’re heading into what’s more than likely titan territory, without maneuvering gear or weapons of any kind.

Nine hours after the titan spotting, a sole titan reaches the eastern defense line. It’s impossible to tell how far the line is from the wall, but it’s far enough that the wall is out of sight. The titan meets a pretty quick end at the hands of a skilled captain. Still, the captain can tell something’s out of the ordinary. There was only one titan.

Connie and Reiner’s squad ride through the silent darkness with torches. The stillness seems to amplify the ever-looming possibility of a titan reaching from out of the dark to pluck them like hors d’oeuvres. The only sound we hear is one of the scout’s raspy breathing and his inner monologue, which serves as the perfect backdrop. All in all, this scene was beautiful and shows why Attack on Titan is so amazing, because even in moments lacking action, the tension is so panic-inducing that they serve as much purpose as their alternatives. 

Relief arrives abruptly when other lights in the distance shortly reveal Ymir and Christa’s squad. The two squads meet.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Neither squad has found a hole in the wall. So, where did the titans come from? I’m sure we’ll learn in the near-future, but the jury’s still out for now.

It’s funny how, as soon as the scouts wish they had moonlight, the moon peeks from behind the clouds, like “I’ve been here the whole time!” and grants their wish. The light exposes the ruins of Utgard Castle not too far off and the squads come together to take refuge in it.

Meanwhile, Hange discusses the connection between the walls and hardened titan skin. Annie’s skin provided her with an unbreakable shell, so the titans’ skin should do the same for the wall. Levi tells Eren he has no choice other than to plug whatever hole Wall Rose may have, with his hardened titan skin. Eren’s up for the challenge.

Eren and the others reach Ehrmich district. Pastor Nick finally divulges details, took him long enough. He confesses that members of the order of the walls were told to watch a single scout, Christa (Ymir’s only friend). For what reason? We do not know, but I bet it’s a good one.

Here’s where it gets dicey.

Back at the castle ruins, the trainees awake to shouts to come to the castle’s tower. Upon looking down from the tower, they catch a horrible sight: Titan City! There’s a small mob of titans clamoring around the tower with even more pouring in and the beast titan makes another appearance.

Eren departs Ehrmich District with the scouts to reach the wall and guess where they’re headed to get access? Utgard Castle. Let’s just hope there’s something left when they get there.

Did you miss the episode? You can catch it here at Crunchyroll.

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