Synopsis 03×05: Liv’s personality becomes bossy and controlling after she eats the brain of a dominatrix, making everyone uncomfortable, while Major recovers from gunshot wounds from one of his missions.

Liv consumes the brain of a dominatrix who went by the name Sweet Lady Pain, and her personality becomes bossy and controlling, making everyone uncomfortable. However, Liv’s personality isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Sweet Lady Pain’s brain is different from all the others because Ravi had it soaking in memory serum.

As per usual, Liv and Clive set off and head over to the crime scene to see if it will trigger a vision for Liv to help solve the murder. Liv quickly discovers that her visions last way longer than usual and she can see things in better detail, making the memories more vivid. Maybe Ravi really is on to something with this memory serum after all (go Ravi!). Fingers crossed for a cure and serum that actually works… wait, but wouldn’t that mean the end of zombies? Pretty sure zombie folks will do anything to destroy that cure and memory serum too!

It turns out, some of the most prominent men in the city were clients of the murder victim making it tough to nail the killer.

Meanwhile, Don E finds hope when he befriends a fellow drug dealer and turns him into a zombie. Obviously, he does so behind Blaine’s dad’s back and it looks like Don E might be starting the zombie party after all.

Liv and Clive find themselves still wrapped up in Wally’s murder. Liv tells Clive that Fillmore Graves should reach out to the survivalist and possible zombie killer since he’s not going to talk to the police. So Liv meets with Vivian and her team to brief them about their findings. In the middle of her explaining everything, she has a vision that lasts longer than usual and the folks at Fillmore acknowledge that she’s having a vision.

Fillmore lures the survivalist in by offering him a nice check. Of course he jumps at the opportunity and meets with them. While there, Vivian and her team tell him that they don’t want anything in return except for him to answer a few questions. They ask him if he really believes that zombies exist and he starts providing them facts. He even goes into detail about what his brother told him while working at Max Rager. While they are talking to him, one of the zombie mercenaries bug his car so that they can listen in and find out what he really knows.

Major goes on a mission and kicks butt! But he also gets injured, so… I guess we’re happy he’s a zombie? Otherwise, he would most definitely be dead. After the mission, Major gets a pat on the back from his fellow soldiers and watches as another puts a sack in a cooler. Of course we know Major is full of curiosity, so he takes a peek inside the cooler and sees several dead people’s heads. Hmm… maybe that’s how Fillmore makes the brain food tubes?

Liv manages to control and make demands to every guy she comes in contact with. The funniest one though, is Liv forcing the sketch artist to draw several suspects without a break. The sketch artist begs Liv to eat his lunch, and she tells him only two bites, but he tells her it’s soup and she says only two sips. Like wow Liv, I know you’re on dominatrix brains, but depriving someone from eating is not cool. I mean you should know that, Liv! Eventually, Liv and Clive discover the murderer and wrap up the case thanks to the sketch artist and the lawyer, who also happened to be one of the dominatrix’s clients.

Major returns from his mission and gets into a deadly coughing fit. His buddy Justin finds him and immediately brings him to the morgue where Liv and Ravi are waiting. Ravi tells Liv he’s going to give Major the cure to save him. Liv takes a look at his wounds and tells Ravi if he gives him the cure, he will more than likely die.

Justin is shocked to hear about a cure and asks them what they are talking about. Nobody actually responds to Justin, but I’m betting this news of a cure will make it’s way back to Fillmore… I wonder if our buddy Justin will keep it to himself and maybe ask them to give him the cure too.

This episode was filled with laughter and sadness. A very well thought out episode. We see Major fighting and becoming what he most wanted to be all along, a true hero. Just sucks that he’s dying and must take the cure. Ravi and Liv bring him home and make him comfortable. Liv sits beside him in the room until he wakes up. He’s smiling at her and it’s plain to see that his heart is filled with so much love. He tells Liv how beautiful she is and that he will fall in love with her all over again once he’s human again.

Liv and Major kiss, then make love for what might be the very last time. In the morning, Ravi is in the kitchen preparing the shots for the cure, while Liv watches over Major sleeping.

I was so not ready for Major to take the cure. Will he remember Liv and Ravi? Where the hell was Peyton to hold Liv’s hand through all of this? Maybe Ravi might be on to something with the memory serum since Liv experienced longer visions. Either way, I’m so sad about Major and really am interested to see what the writers do with his character. So much sadness and heartbreaking going on this season!

Leave your thoughts below and be sure to tune in next week to see what’s in episode 6 ‘Some Like it Hot Mess.’

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