I have had virtually the exact same taste in pop culture for approximately the last 16 years. I’ve listened to the same Pixies albums, read the exact same X-Men comics, have never really given up on the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons and not once stopped quoting Wet Hot American Summer, the cult classic comedy that’s never stopped being ahead of its time while firmly rooted in a very specific cinematic moment. 

Now, as if it’s been designed just for me, Devastator Press is launching a Kickstarter for the Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp Roleplaying Game, finally allowing you to smear mud on your ass, fuck a cock, and get ready for the big talent show, all from the comfort of wherever it is that you play RPGs. The game gives players an opportunity to step into the shoes of campers, counselors or camp staff, or hop on the jetski as one of the movie’s iconic characters. 

From the site: 

Fantasy Camp is designed to be easy-to-play with less math than traditional RPGs and more emphasis on storytelling and party game craziness. Psycho fans (like us) will rejoice in never-before-seen material from Wet Hot American Summer cast members Joe Lo Truglio (Neil), Marguerite Moreau (Katie), Michael Ian Black (McKinley) and co-writer / director David Wain.

Fantasy Camp is “The Ultimate” game. It’ll cast a level 5 charm spell over you, Alexa.

The Kickstarter opened up in April and has already more than reached its goal but it’s worth still jumping on to pick up a physical or digital sourcebook and to add more of the movie’s characters to the book’s selectable characters. Just $10 will get you a digital copy, with higher donations netting you a physical release or even a chance to play the game early with creators. 

This is probably the only chance you have to get experience points for fondling some sweaters so I encourage you to leave your bullshit baggage at the door and check out the Kickstarter here.

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