Synopsis 02×14: After saving Chloe’s life, Lucifer disappeared for weeks only to turn up again expecting everything to be as it was. Not only that, but he brought someone with him: his wife, Candy. Cue the “Whaaaaat?”


Lucifer has been gone for weeks now and Charlotte, his dear mum, is unhappy about it. Grinding on some poor guy at Lux she insists that she is a goddess and no one should just leave her. Once the guy realized she was talking about her son he bounced and Maze came over to remind Charlotte that Lucifer left because she tried to manipulate him. Charlotte was not blameless. 

Meanwhile, somewhere in a sketchy office, Lucifer appears to be making a deal for something very expensive. They left the details intentionally vague but it is safe to say he is probably up to no good. 

Checking in with Chloe and Dan, they confirmed that Lucifer was gone and no one had heard from him. Chloe was clearly worried and who could blame her? She nearly died, Lucifer saved her life, then he disappeared and left her with a lot of questions and probably a “thank you” or two. Not to mention the whole deal about the two of them and their unrequited love. 

The investigation into a dead band member seemed to be a pleasant distraction. The young gentleman’s name was Ash and Chloe tracked back to the rest of his band mates, members of a group called the Heavy Woolies. All three of the other band members were disappointed to hear that Ash was dead. He was their front man and they were about to hit it big on a tour, now their plans were sunk. They directed Chloe in the direction of Ash’s ex-wife, Courtney, claiming their divorce had been contentious. 

Back at the station the wayward child appeared: Lucifer returned as if nothing had ever happened. Chloe was relieved at first, touching him to make sure he was real, needing to know that he was okay. When he acted like her reaction was strange she backed off. He claimed he had news for them and before he could make the proper introduction a young lady joined him. Her name was Candy, Candy Morningstar and apparently they were married. 

By that point Chloe was ticked off. Lucifer followed her trying to explain, admitting he should have told her where it was going. Chloe pointed out that she thought they were friends and she did not want to hear his excuses. He picked up on the concept of “friends” and insisted that they were just friends, just partners, nothing more. He wanted things to go back to the way they were and Chloe told him he didn’t get to ghost her and the whole department then come back and resume his work like nothing happened. 

Chloe interrogated Ash’s wife, sympathizing with Courtney’s feelings about having an immature partner. However, Courtney insisted she did not kill Ash and offered up an alibi. She also put them on the trail of their mediator, who she believed made a sketchy deal with Ash in order to side with him because Ash got everything in the divorce. 

At Lucifer’s loft, Amenadiel and Charlotte searched online for Lucifer and found Candy’s equivalent of an Instagram page. They realized very quickly that Lucifer had gotten married. Charlotte was suspicious and believed that Lucifer had to be planning something and Candy was part of the plan. 

Back at the station the team confirmed that Courtney had an alibi and they would now look into the divorce mediator. Thanks to a little help from Candy they tied him to the scene of the crime. Lucifer pointed out that he could be helpful on the case and said since music was involved his expertise could be beneficial. Chloe was not moved. He snagged her phone and started going through her music, trying to banter with her as if everything was okay. 

Chloe snapped at him and told him that he could not just grab what he wanted whenever he wanted and told him she didn’t need him. Lucifer backed down and gave her cell phone back. That incident led him to seek out Dr. Linda who was perturbed by Candy’s presence in their session. She tried to speak vaguely but Lucifer claimed there were no secrets. When Linda questioned him about Chloe he said that Chloe’s love for him was all “smoke and mirrors” compliments of his father and he did not want to be manipulated anymore. 

All he wanted was for Chloe to see sense and get back to their partnership. Candy pointed out that the last time someone tried to fire her she kept showing up and did whatever she could to make herself valuable. Linda said she had a point and that it was called “acting as-if.” Lucifer ignored Linda’s guidance and praised Candy for her smart thinking. 

Dan and Chloe hit a dead end when the mediator refused to take a meeting with them. Lucifer appeared, “acting as-if” he were still on the case and said that he wanted to go undercover with Candy to talk to the mediator. Chloe turned him down.

Lucifer and Candy returned to his place and found Charlotte there waiting for them. Candy was surprised to learn she was his mother, Charlotte seemed surprised to learn that a creature like Candy existed on earth. Still suspicious, she invited Candy on a shopping trip, hoping to get her alone to try and pick her brain about what Lucifer was up to.

Maze and Chloe talked about Lucifer. Chloe shared that she felt like an idiot for being worried about Lucifer in the first place. Maze insisted that Lucifer does stuff like that but “always comes back around” even though Chloe said she did not want him to. They were done. Maze suggested that perhaps Chloe and Lucifer needed a mediator. Chloe realizes it is not a bad idea. 

Dressed as Candy, she accompanied Lucifer to the mediator and was honest about the state of their partnership. Lucifer shared his side of things, that he had been through Hell, and Chloe said she almost believed him. He pointed out that she has never known him to lie but Chloe still was not convinced. Outside of the session the mediator approached her and she tried to make a deal, which he rejected, then Lucifer blew their cover and they were able to talk to the mediator about Ash. 

Apparently the mediator had been working with Ash, but killing him meant he lost out on the deal. They bought up all the CDs together with money from Ash’s divorce in order to inflate interest in the Heavy Woolies. In exchange, the mediator was hoping to be the band manager. He did not have motive to kill Ash. 

Charlotte’s shopping trip with Candy was the opposite of helpful. Candy was too nice and sweet. When Charlotte debriefed with Amenadiel she said that “only a deeply damaged soul would make such a bad choice” only to realize that maybe Lucifer really was broken and she had played a part in it. She was a bad mother. She is not wrong.

At the station, Chloe and Dan talked with Ella about the murder. Ella was hopeful that Chloe and Lucifer were back together only to be quickly disappointed. However, they made a break in the case when the marks on Ash’s head matched up with Marla, the bassist from the band’s bass. They had to find her and Lucifer stepped in to help by taking over the stage at a club and singing a 90’s slow jam on behalf of Chloe and used the crowd to capture Marla. 

They took her back to the station where Amenadiel showed up and chastised Lucifer, mad because he had guarded Chloe for weeks after Lucifer disappeared because he thought Chloe meant something to his brother. Lucifer explained she did, she does, but that she is not necessarily in control of her feelings. God took away her choice and he wanted to give it back to her. We can all hate him a little less. 

In the interrogation room Marla claimed she did not kill Ash. She did not even know he was going to kick her out of the band and was able to provide an alibi. Instead, their attentions turned to Doug the drummer who had been the last one to have her bass that night. They went to his house to find him, after Dan ditched Chloe and told her to take Lucifer, and Lucifer got jumped and choked. Apparently Ash was going to go solo and Doug was so mad that he hit him and killed Ash. 

While Doug held Lucifer captive Lucifer encouraged him to kill him because Chloe didn’t need him anymore. Way to be melodramatic. He told Chloe to shoot him – she didn’t. Instead she shot Doug and freed Lucifer. While the scene was being processed, Candy showed up and hugged Chloe to thank her for saving Lucifer’s life. She also told Chloe that all Lucifer talked about was the work he did with her and how important it was for him to get back to do it even though she wanted him to quit. Candy pointed out that Lucifer had gone through a hard time too and was “messed up.” 

With that revelation, Chloe decided to let Lucifer back on cases. Charlotte, on the other hand, was trying to write Lucifer an apology letter when he approached her and said they should talk after Amenadiel told him that she was upset. Lucifer admitted that he is angrier at his father than her. Charlotte capitalized on that and told him there was still a way for them to get into heaven. They needed the flaming sword of Eden and when Lucifer said it was destroyed Charlotte claimed it wasn’t and that it was in their possession. Azrael’s blade was the flaming sword and they had everything they needed to get home. 

At the end, Lucifer said farewell to Candy where it was revealed that the whole thing had been a con. He had helped her out of a dicey situation in Vegas so she helped him figure out what was going on with his mother and what her plans were. They were officially annulling their marriage and Candy left, leaving him with a few words of wisdom: don’t screw it up with Chloe.

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