Synopsis of 12×15: “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” brings back all of our favorite characters and even referenced back to earlier seasons when Crowley was the big bad.

The episode itself highlighted how much all of our main characters have changed and how their views have also changed over the years. The episode also highlighted old hurts, especially when focusing on Castiel, who still wants nothing more than to find his place on Earth or in Heaven. The theme of this episode also focused on being truthful with one another and focused on how keeping secrets only ends with the people who they cared about getting hurt.

A stray hellhound attacks a couple in the woods, and the woman, Gwen, can fight her way free and escape. After the initial ten minute attack, the scene changes to Dean and Sam returning from a series of hunts and Dean lays down a replica of Lucille from The Walking Dead in tribute to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which was pretty fantastic.

While Sam and Dean investigate the case of the mystery hellhound, Cas discovers that Dagon killed the angels and intercepted Kelly Kline. Of course, another angel finds Cas and bribes him with promises of Heaven and being accepted by his siblings as one of them. Naturally, Cas is slightly skeptical about the entire proposition and knows that they are probably using him, but he agrees to help partially out a sense of obligation and the desire to belong somewhere.

Dean and Sam go to talk to Gwen, the sole survivor of the hellhound attack. Dean rants about how they shouldn’t lie to her about the monsters and tell her that everything is going to be okay when it’s not. Sam argues that they should lie to her because it will give her peace. Gwen is having none of it and tells them to get out of her house. They leave, and the Hellhound attacks Gwen. Dean and Sam run to her rescue and then proceed to explain what a hellhound is and all about the supernatural.

Meanwhile, Crowley’s still tormenting Lucifer by talking at him and entrapping him in various restraints. Crowley’s minions come and let him know that there are matters to be attended to, which Crowley begrudgingly attends to. Sam and Dean call Crowley and Crowley suddenly finds himself back in the thick of things with Dean and Sam.

Though Crowley is still upset with the Winchesters sending his son back in time to die, it is nice that he rejoined us in this episode, as he provides both humor and honest truths about how everything has changed.

Crowley, Dean, Sam, and Gwen go off and try to find the hound, while the minions allow Lucifer to escape, citing that they didn’t like Crowley being the King of Hell. Lucifer does seem to be underused right now, and he is not quite up to his usual Lucifer caliber. As another favorite fan trope, Dean asks Sam keep Baby safe, to which Sam scoffs and says that he will. This lasts for all of five minutes, and then Baby is damaged by the Hellhound.

Ramsey the Hellhound is after Gwen and Sam. Gwen tells Sam she should have told her boyfriend they were over before they went camping and emphasized how lying hurts everyone. This makes Sam feel guilty and think about how he is tricking Dean. Ramsey attacks and Sam fights Ramsey with a little help from Gwen. With Ramsey dead and the crisis averted, Gwen awkwardly hugs Crowley and announces that he seems nice.

Cas calls Dean and explains that he has a lead on Kelly, but fails to mention that he met one of his brothers and goes back to Heaven, continuing the theme of this episode of lying and keeping things from loved ones. Cas doesn’t seem to realize just how much he is valued by Dean, who has made several comments throughout the last few episodes emphasizing that he considers Cas to be family and that he does care for Cas like a brother.

Sam finally tells Dean that McDavid has been calling and feeding them cases, and Dean, though upset, doesn’t seem surprised by the information. Dean agrees to join the Men of Letters for now, though he does stipulate that if things start to go south, they will leave.

Then, in a move that proves that Crowley is still the King of Hell, if not something more, Crowley shows to Lucifer that he is ten steps ahead of him as he snaps his fingers and forces Lucifer to bend to his will. Crowley reveals that he owns Lucifer as he has trapped him in his vessel.

As mentioned, this episode is a throwback to season five during the apocalypse and brought back some favorite elements including hellhounds, Crowley becoming his smarmy and evil self and the boys figuring out how to be good to one another.

Though communication between the boys seems to be better, they still are rather oblivious to Castiel’s discomfort and the distance he has been putting between himself and the Winchesters. It will be interesting to see what happens when Dean realizes that Cas has sacrificed himself, again, for what Cas believes will bring him acceptance.

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