Rule number one of Clone Club? You guessed it. Don’t talk about Clone Club.

To be fair, Sarah couldn’t have known that rule when she brought Felix with her as backup when she went to meet Alison and Cosima. She still didn’t even know they were all clones. Alison reveals this bluntly when Sarah refuses to hand over Katja’s briefcase until she gets some answers. Though Cosima also intends to hold back details until they have the briefcase, she is very much a voice of reason between Alison and Sarah.

When Felix can’t wait for Sarah any longer and walks up to the house, Alison pulls her gun on him. Sarah talks her down and they leave, but not before Sarah takes a swing at Alison for threatening her brother.

For “Beth,” things were starting to look up. For Sarah, that means things are about to get harder. “Beth” is reinstated at the police station, and the first call she and Art respond to is the discovery of Katja’s body. Sarah hadn’t realized she was burying Katja in a quarry, and the body was discovered dismembered in the mining equipment. Sarah panics and calls Cosima, who tells her she needs to get the fingerprint results – Sarah has a criminal record, so Katja’s prints may bring Sarah up as a match.

Art benches “Beth” when he finds that she went to the crime scene with her gun unloaded. Desk bound, Sarah enlists the help of coworker Raj Singh (played by Raymond Ablack, who I, like many, recognized as Sav from Degrassi). Raj helps Sarah reset Beth’s computer password, and helps her with the fingerprint procedure, believing her claim of memory troubles since her suspension. But there’s something Raj can’t get her through – a trip to the gun range that Art insists she take.

Luckily, Beth had taught Alison how to handle a gun. Reluctantly leaving her children in the care of Felix, Alison takes Sarah out to teach her how to shoot. Beth had been somewhat of a comfort to Alison, who, once thrown into the vortex of this clone business, became fiercely protective of her family. Whether there was camaraderie between Alison and Beth, or Alison simply took comfort in having a cop on their side, Beth’s death has taken a toll on Alison.

After the lesson, Alison tells Sarah that since Beth contributed her police resources, and Cosima contributed her scientific genius to what was going on, Alison contributed money – the $75,000 Sarah took out of Beth’s account. At first, Sarah is still set on taking the money and running. But between Alison and Cosima’s need for Sarah to keep accessing Beth’s resources, and Mrs. S.’s offer of one visit for Sarah to prove she could take custody of Kira, she decides against it.

Back on the investigation, the supposed killer has called into the station using a voice changer, and Art has found the place the shooter had killed Katja from, judging from the line of sight and the disembodied doll head left there with the same red hair as Katja’s. Quick-study Sarah had done well at the gun range, so she goes with Art to investigate a lead on motorcycle tracks found at the scene.

They find the bike at an apartment complex. The owner’s apartment is unlocked and no one is inside, but Sarah finds identification for one of her clones marking a page in a Bible. The circled verse is also written on the apartment wall: “For you formed my inward parts. You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Sarah looks towards the window just in time to see the gun pointed at them, and knocks Art to the ground. The bullet grazes Art and he yells for Sarah to go after the shooter.

Sarah loses the shooter, who then sneaks up on her and knocks her down. The suspect – a woman – is about to take a knife to Sarah, making it clear that she thinks she is Beth, but Sarah stalls her by saying she’s not Beth. The suspect removes her hood revealing that she too is a clone – same face, but with crimped blonde hair. She doesn’t back off entirely though, so Sarah reaches for a metal bar lying near her and stabs her attacker, who then flees.

Having been saved by “Beth,” Art returns the money that Sarah had taken out of Beth’s account. Now she could run, but she doesn’t. She’s met with Cosima and given her the briefcase, and appears to be willing to try to keep up her Beth persona for the sake of the clones.

So who is this blonde clone? Was she the “original”? Why is she killing her counterparts? And how did she get the angel wing scars on her back that we see at the end of the episode? More answers to come next Saturday!

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