Synopsis of 7×12: Rick and Michonne go scavenging for guns, on a trip that Rick keeps trying to extend, and Rosita has a chip on her shoulder that may never come off.

With a renewed sense of purpose after having struck a deal with Jadis and the trash people, Rick and Michonne are out on their own scavenging. They come across meager supplies, but it’s not until they find other survivors and – at a minimum – steal batteries from them that they really feel good about their finds. Satisfied, Michonne wants to go home, but Rick presses them onward for another day and a half.

Back in Alexandria, Rosita is stitching herself up with the huge chip on her shoulder still when Tara finds her and tries to keep her optimistic. When Tara gives her cream to help with her scarring, she gives it back and claims she’s off to go find guns. Unfortunately, her first find is blocked by a particularly nasty walker and then turns out to be a toy. Rosita can’t win.

Michonne notices a deer in the woods when she stops the van and jars Rick awake in her efforts to find it. They lose the deer, but find a military outpost of some kind and find a lot of dead soldiers still wearing their guns. They realize those guns could be the answer to their problems before falling through the roof they were surveying from and finding plenty of food after their rather tame fall.

When she gets back from gun-hunting, Rosita confronts Gabriel about how things have turned out since he talked her out of killing Negan and getting herself killed – Eugene is gone, Spencer and Olivia are dead – and he agrees with her. Calmly, he tells her that they need her and he knows it’s easier to be dead, but the stakes are so high and she has so many options still and, “Anything is possible until your heart stops beating.”

Rick and Michonne dig into the ready-to-eat meals in the warehouse that they fell into. She’s eager to talk about plans going forward, once they get the guns tomorrow, but Rick is hesitant to become the one to re-order the world after they defeat Negan. He says he’d rather do it with her than be in charge alone. He also, worryingly, tells her that they don’t necessarily have to do it tomorrow, it’ll be fine if they take their time getting back. Later, he’s sitting up awake and in anguish while Michonne sleeps.

Tara is babysitting a gigantic Judith while being torn about her knowledge of Oceanside. They helped her and are good people who have also suffered at the hands of Negan, but she knows that Rick wouldn’t leave Oceanside without their guns and it would just turn into a fight between the two groups. Tara doesn’t think their lives are any more important than the women of Oceanside, so she’s not sure she can turn the groups on each other.

With a plan in place to gather up all the guns, Rick tells Michonne to kill the walkers milling about outside of the fenced in area while he moves a car into the gap in the fence so that they can easily kill the ones trapped inside it. She easily accomplishes her task, but Rick struggles to remove a walker from the windshield before he gets the car in motion.

When Michonne moves to help him, a lone straggling walker gets in the perfect position to have his gun begin shooting at them. At the same time, Rick realizes the car has no breaks and they coast through the opening, with Michonne jumping into the trunk. They’re quickly surrounded by walkers and realize that their plan might have gone awry somewhere.

Luckily, they get through the roof of the car relatively easily and end up behind the small fend surrounding the swings in the abandoned carnival. The fence doesn’t hold long and they’re forced to eventually split up to thin the groups of walkers behind the ride fences so that they don’t immediately burst through them.

Rick climbs up the ferris wheel to shoot at a deer, but is distracted by even more walkers headed towards it. He also slips off the ferris wheel and right into the group as it crowds around him. By the time Michonne gets to him, she watches the group devour what she thinks is Rick. Dropping her sword, she appears to give up, only for Rick to burst out of his hiding place and fight off the rest of the group, leaving them the ability to easily collect all of the guns.

On the drive back, Rick stops the vehicle and confesses all of the things he’s been struggling with – losing his friends, Glenn, not being able to sleep at night – but he tells her that they’re fighting for what happens next. Michonne is still shaken from almost losing Rick earlier, but he insists that any of them might die in what happens next. He tells her that she’ll have to keep going because she can lead them forward and it’s all about the future.

Re-grouping in Alexandria, they take a group to Jadis to deliver the guns – 63 in total – but she quickly tells them that it’s not enough. She wants at least double that to join the fight, to which Rick’s group is none-too-happy about. They negotiate over guns and the cat statute Rick took for Michonne, ending with him keeping 20 guns to get more and the cat statue. Michonne tells him they have a few more days, they’ll figure it out.

Later, back in Alexandria, Tara finds Rick and admits that she has something to tell him.

Rosita skips out on her guard duty in order to head to the Hilltop and align herself with an unlikely ally, Sasha. With a newly acquired sniper rifle, Rosita and Sasha reach an understanding, as  long as Sasha can take the shot, she’s willing to help Rosita. Between the two of them, they have a good idea of the Saviors’ compound, but they know they can’t be caught alive.

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  1. Someone please explain how Rosita can blame Father Gabriel — he told her to wait for the right time, but she recklessly took her shot anyway and missed, resulting in Eugene’s abduction and Olivia’s death. And please, how many wet soggy roofs have to collapse on this show before people start avoiding them?

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