After the heartbreaking finale wherein we watched as Mon-El was forced to leave Earth, season three of The CW’s Supergirl is going to show a different side of Kara.

Inevitably, after the losing her boyfriend, the new face that we’ll see Kara donning is one where she has shut off her humanity. And when we say that, we don’t mean in the Vampire Diaries killing-spree way, we mean Kara is going to embrace her role as Supergirl, wanting to distance herself from her humanity. “She is not talking about how she feels, she is like iron-clad strong right now but there’s a lot of vulnerability,” Benoist explained at San Diego Comic-Con this year while elaborating that this would be a darker and more adult version of Kara that we would be seeing. 

While her friends and family will continue to poke and prod at her until Kara comes back, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the upcoming threat of Reign, a “worldkiller.” While we can’t be certain what that means in the context of the show, we can guess that’s not something we want to mess with. What’s upcoming is essentially shrouded in uncertainty, with Mon-El’s return uncertain and Reign on the rise, it’s dark times ahead and it doesn’t seem like Kara Danvers will be brightening it up anytime soon.

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