Synopsis 05×15: Kitty is back! Other things happened but who cares – Kitty is back!

Fun times for fans this week as Kitty Winter returned to our screens. Sherlock attended a funeral for a friend, Cy Durning, whom he’d worked with back in England. After the service he received a few odd texts and made his way to a gravestone only to find Kitty waiting for him. She informed Sherlock that she was following a killer who had murdered Durning and had plans to kill more people. 

Joan finished up a case at the station, realizing the suspect had stashed a gun up his behind to hide evidence. She returned to the Brownstone and found Kitty waiting with Sherlock, moving to hug her long lost friend only to have Kitty remind her she is not a hugger. Kitty explained she thought Sherlock may be the murderer’s next victim due to his involvement with cases surrounding a gentleman named Eli. Eli, due to being confined to a wheelchair, was not able to physically kill people but may have hired people to do it for him.

Sherlock decided to take the case and track down Durning’s murderer while Joan and Kitty went to the station to talk to the Captain. Of course they had some worries, given how Kitty left the department after assaulting her own former abuser, but the Captain embraced her and appeared absolutely delighted to see Kitty again. He agreed to help them and Kitty shared with Joan that she’d been spending her time in London with a human trafficking group as an investigator. 

Joan offered for Kitty to stay at the Brownstone but she insisted she was staying with a friend after she received a text and breezed out of the station. Naturally Joan was suspicious. 

Never being one to back away from danger, Sherlock went to meet Eli one-on-one. He brought up the accusations and Eli was less than amused by the whole ordeal. Sherlock checked in with Joan about the Durning murder and she shared that she thought Durning had been injected between the toes with whatever killed him. Without Kitty around, Joan expressed her worries about the young woman’s strange behavior and Sherlock seemed absolutely nonplussed. Joan asked if he kept up with her after she left and he said no. 

Gregson interrupted their conversation and called them to a scene where Durning’s coffin had been dug up and set on fire, destroying any evidence of foul play. Sherlock found a dyed hair on the back hoe that might give them a clue and Joan went to talk to the M.E. who had given cause of death. Neither her nor Kitty were particularly convinced by the M.E.’s claim that it was a heart attack, nothing more, nothing less, and both concluded she was lying to cover it up. 

Since she did not get anywhere with Sherlock, Joan asked Kitty directly if everything was going alright only to get a defensive response. Sherlock and Marcus, on the other hand, teamed up and went to talk with Durning’s widow who said that before her husband died she saw a man standing on the sidewalk outside of their house. She was on her way out and he smiled at her. Sherlock recognized the description because he saw the same man at the club when he went to see Eli. 

Unsatisfied with her previous answers, Joan followed Kitty and broke into the place where Kitty was staying. She got jumped by someone in the apartment who turned out to be an older lady, Margaret. Kitty quickly returned and explained what was going on: she had a baby. Margaret was the nanny to her son, Archie, the product of briefly getting back together with a young man she went to university with. Kitty shared that she was worried someone would try to hurt her son and also concerned that Sherlock would be upset that she was putting away her life as an investigator. 

They brought the M.E. back into the fold to ask her some more questions. They provided a picture of a man who was shot and the assassin who was known to have previously visited the morgue. She refused to admit to anything and said she was going to leave if they weren’t going to arrest her. While they had some financial evidence there was little else connecting her to the whole thing. Kitty and Sherlock went back to the drawing board. 

Sherlock seemed grumpy, criticizing Kitty’s food decisions while she appeared to be stalling for time. During that stall he found a Cayman Islands account tied to Eli that had sent payments out and believed he would be able to prove a connection between him and the murders. Breaking from the investigation, Kitty brought in Margaret and her baby, introducing Sherlock to Archie. Sherlock smiled like a fool, but it did not last long because he was interrupted by a call from Eli. Eli wanted to meet Sherlock at the club in 30 minutes because the line was not secure. The scene focused on Eli who was shown to have a gun. 

Sherlock arrived in time to see Eli thrown off of a roof, very much dead. Bell was not exactly convinced it was anything less than suicide, though Sherlock insisted that Eli would have gone about it a different way. Kitty was up where Eli had fallen from and said there was no proof he lifted himself up to toss himself over the railing. They returned to the Brownstone, though before turning the corner Sherlock realized their home was being raided by some sort of police. He told Joan to get Kitty somewhere safe and went to investigate. 

What he found was the red haired suspected assassin claiming he worked for an intelligence agency placing Sherlock under arrest while refusing to give him a reason why. The episode then ended, to be continued in the coming weeks.

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