Synopsis: Caroline and Stefan get married and Bonnie maybe dies. No Katherine, so what does it really matter?

You can’t just tease Katherine Pierce’s reappearance and not deliver. Which is precisely what this episode does.

Welcome to The Vampire Diaries: Wedding Planner Edition. If I wanted to watch wedding drama and leaf through Pinterest vision boards, I’d be on TLC. 

I’m. Here. For. One. Reason. Only.

Katherine. #sorrynotsorry

And she’s not here. Well, she is in spirit, but not onscreen. Why? I’m guessing it’s because Nina Dobrev negotiated such that she’s only featured in the series finale episode, because CW can’t afford the xXx starlet’s rate for more than 42 minutes of airtime.  

Who do we get instead? Matt Donovan’s drug addict mother, hell-bent (literally!) on revenge in service to Katherine, and one Vicky Donovan, also doing Katherine’s bidding. Side note: I didn’t know that Vicky did anything worthy of going to hell, but I can’t remember anything before season 6 at this point.

So while Caroline and Stefan are planning a shotgun wedding to lure Katherine out into the open, Matt’s mother is scheming to kill them all.

Matt’s father crafts a weapon to kill Katherine made out of her bones (which gave us a macabre scene where Damon desecrates her corpse and we as an audience are supposed to laugh). Before Matt’s mom can get the weapon from his father, he gives it to Stefan (conveniently offscreen). Enraged, she slashes his throat and then goes to throw a propane gas tank in the venue’s fireplace to blow the wedding up (literally).

After we get through the nuptials full of wedded bliss (and as the propane tank heats up for an unrealistic amount of time), the twinspawn go to the bathroom inside the venue with Bonners.

At that moment, the venue explodes, bringing a whole new level of literalism to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” on multiple levels. 

Caroline, understandably heartbroken and panicked rushes to save her children only to be restrained by Stefan. Sorry, Caroline. You’re not getting the security deposit back on this place.

Luckily, Bonnie somehow regained use of her magic, and the twins are siphoning her to keep themselves alive inside the burning building. Spiritual-plane Enzo directs Bonnie on how to save their lives, but it ends up using all the magic to keep him semi-alive in the process.

After Enzo disappears, the trio escapes the burning building safely before Bonnie collapses, apparently dead (?). 

In the meantime, the gang catches Matt’s mom and she reveals that the entire plan was a distraction- Vicky’s across town ringing the Maxwell bell to destroy Mystic Falls.

Kind of a weak showing for the penultimate episode in the series – very disappointed we didn’t get an extra helping of Nina Dobrev before we say goodbye.

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