Synopsis 01×04: With David out of commission, Melanie gives Ptonomy, Syd, and Kerry a new purpose: to find out what happened to David before he got to Clockworks and if any of the memories they’d already seen were even real.

Oliver Bird addresses the audience straight on, struggling to make a point until he lands on the topic of human nature. He believes that two stories can be told to children, ones that teach empathy and ones that teach fear. Those two competing ideals exist and, combining both of the examples into one, he tells the audience that they are about to see the story of how an adorable rabbit got too close to the ocean.

Syd takes over the narration and I question who the rabbit is in that metaphor – Syd or David? There are flashes of the episode to come, as well as Syd yelling at David to wake up amongst flashes of David’s childhood and their relationship.

Ptonomy admits that he can’t find David anywhere in his own memories and it’s determined that David created his own astral plane, something of a defense or guardian to protect himself from the digging they’ve been doing in his memories. Melanie gives Ptonomy, Syd, and Kerry a new mission: the figure out what happened to David before Clockworks.

They immediately head to the abandoned office of Dr. Poole and Syd finds it strange that things are different from David’s memories, but Ptonomy explains that memories are unreliable and age. He asserts they’re in the real world and not another memory – or he’s pretty sure anyway – and they read the memories of the old, now-bloody recorder. David’s being asked about the stars again and when they leave the memory, Ptonomy tells Syd that David put the doctor in a coma with only his fists when he was caught in the middle of the break-in.

He tells her that David broke his skull without using any of his powers and Syd still remains somewhat unconvinced, but Ptonomy tells her she’s putting an awful lot of effort into convincing herself that her boyfriend is a nice guy. Her devotion wavers as she wonders what is real and what David meant when he warned her that she wouldn’t think the same of him after delving into his memories.

Amy is still locked away by Division Three, in some kind of small cage that shares a wall with David’s old shrink, Dr. Kissinger, imprisoned in a similar cell. They talk about David and she admits that she thinks she knew he had powers, especially when he said he was talking to King. Dr. Kissinger interjects with what he’s been told by David, that he used to take that dog King everywhere, but Amy says that they never had a dog.

Out in the woods, Syd sees the angriest boy in the world, but is quickly distracted and he vanishes. Cary explains to her how she and Cary share a body – he does all the boring things and she gets all the action. She also keeps him safe and he makes her laugh.

Back at Summerlands, Melanie sees the astral projection of a deep sea diver and she and Cary move quickly to see if he’s waking up. In the elevator, Cary reveals a little bit more about his relationship with Kerry – she only ages outside of his body and he has no idea what will happen to her when he dies. The “he” they’re visiting turns out to be Oliver Bird, frozen in a diving suit in the basement.

Meanwhile, on the astral plane, David meets Oliver Bird, who beckons him into his ice castle in the sky. He makes small talk with David, but David is only interested in figuring out what’s going on. Oliver explains that David went too far and now he’s lost, trapped in the astral plane. He also tells David that his monster can’t reach him in there before realizing that David is made to forget about it.

The Demon with the Yellow Eyes is seen pacing just outside the walls and Oliver corrects his assumption that the monster is a metaphor, it’s more of a parasite. But David is largely disinterested in this information and only wants to escape so he can get back to Syd and Amy. After he fails to get himself out of the room, Oliver assists him and tells him that it’s not real unless you make it real.

Traveling on their way to interview the ex-girlfriend, Syd once again noticed the angriest boy in the world outside. While Kerry acts as a look-out, Syd and Ptonomy pretend to be a couple looking to buy a house. Syd keeps Philly talking and Ptonomy scans her memories to get the truth of David’s past.

In her memories, she’s having dinner with David and Dr. Poole. They talk about David’s non-existent dog, how his past doesn’t seem to exist, and couched in those memories is one where Philly went to visit Dr. Poole alone at his home. That’s enough for Ptonomy and he tries to leave, but not before Syd can ask her point blank about David. She doesn’t have anything bad to say, but she mentions David’s friend “Benny” – not Lenny – and her message to David is simply, “They’re watching.”

With a new person to talk to, the three head to Dr. Poole and the lighthouse he now takes care of. First, he doesn’t want to talk, but they convince him and he also mentions Benny as David’s friend, one who had a negative effect on David’s treatment. Syd asks him what the stars say and he deflects by telling her that she’s in love with him. He says David ruined his life with the beating and he only wants to ask why.

Things quickly spiral out of control when it becomes clear that this was a trap set up by The Eye, who sits in place of the doctor. Kerry is excited to finally get some action and jumps out the window to fight the incoming troops – it’s interesting to watch her movements as they are juxtaposed by Cary’s back at Summerlands. Unfortunately, she’s eventually overpowered.

Ptonomy is taken down quickly by The Eye, but Syd removes a glove and switches bodies with him when he tries to knock her out. In his body, she tells the soldiers to put all three of them in the van and he’d take them in himself.

David, in the astral plane still, is brought to his old bedroom by Lenny. She taunts him that he’s let his guard down and look what they did to him. She’s showing him images of The Eye hurting Syd and explains that she wants David to get out of the astral plane so that she can also leave. In a rage, he frees himself to the middle of the road and the van that Syd in The Eye’s body is driving, forcing Syd to swerve the van and crash it.

He mistakenly frees The Eye in Syd’s body and is nearly stabbed before Syd can stop it. David is desperate for Syd’s body to run away and he tackles The Eye in an effort to let her escape. Unfortunately, it’s around that time that they return to their own bodies and The Eye shoots Kerry, also bringing down Cary in Summerlands. A sinister hand lands on David’s shoulder, revealed to be Lenny and the episode ends.

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