Stitchers Season 3 Premieres Tonight on Freeform!
Here’s What You Need to Know Before Watching!

First, let’s all acknowledge that Stitchers debuted with a rough start when the show premiered. I’ll be the first to admit that the show wasn’t very lively and the storyline wasn’t entirely engaging or believable. But somehow I still braved on and continued to watch the show anyway. Honestly, I’m happy that I did because Season 2 moved the needle for me and I’m excited to see the show return tonight for season 3!

If you’ve never watched the show, here’s a recap of important facts you need to know:

  1. Kirsten is a brilliant computer science student with temporal dysplasia (a fictional condition in which the human brain can only understand the passage of time through complex mathematics and statistical probabilities. It also hinders your ability to feel or recognize emotions).
  2. The NSA’s top secret “Stitchers” program uses technology to “stitch” into the memories of people recently deceased to solve crimes.
  3. Kirsten’s temporal dysplasia makes her unique and the perfect candidate for the Stitchers program.
  4. A homicide detective, Quincy Fisher investigates the death of Kirsten’s guardian. Fisher also discovers the secret program and now works with the NSA and Kirsten to help protect the program.
  5. Kirsten discovers her roommate Camille also works for the NSA and that she’s been spying on her. But Kirsten weirdly forgives her and now they work together for the NSA.

The finale of Season 2 definitely left viewers hanging! Liam is dead and Kirsten had to stitch into is memories to discover his killer, but since he didn’t see who killed him, neither could she. Kirsten also met her sister, Ivy who left her a clue on where to find their father. Except Kirsten wasn’t going to meet him alone, she tipped off the NSA and Stinger had already disappeared without a trace when they raided his secret location.

Before Ivy left to be questioned by the NSA, she whispers to Kirsten that her mother is still alive. Kirstin investigates and discovers that her mother’s coffin is empty. Kirstin sets up a meeting with the Deputy Chief of the NSA and questions him about her mother, but he claims she’s dead. Kirsten shows up at Cameron’s apartment crying and tells him she wants to be with her mother.

Kirsten stitches into Dr. Khouri and discovers that her mother was in a chamber that was keeping her alive. The NSA barged in and took her mother to another location. Stinger manages to hijack into the memory using a quantum computer. He asks Kirsten if she wants to see her mother again and she says yes. So he stitches her into her own memories with her mother.

Reliving those memories prove to be dangerous because Kirsten doesn’t want to bounce. Cameron figures out a way to get into the memory and tries to convince her to bounce. Cameron keeps talking to her and tries to bring her back but nothing he says convinces her to bounce. So he tells her the he will never leave her no matter what.

Questions still unanswered:

  1. Where is Kirsten’s mother? Is she still alive? Why did the NSA take her?
  2. Where is Stinger? What is Mitchell Blair hiding?
  3. Will Kirsten have the courage to bounce from her own memory? Will she even be able to?
  4. Will Cameron ever be honest with himself and tell Kirsten that he’s in love with her?
  5. So many nods at death… did Linus’ father die? Did Maggie lose someone too?

I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode and are you? Leave your comments below!

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