Synopsis: The boys kill the Devil while Kai tries to kill the twinspawn.

The alternative title for this episode is “Deus Ex Machina” for how ridiculously contrived it is.

Here’s a tip to make this show more palatable: every time you think oh, how convenient, take a shot. Or maybe don’t because you’ll probably be dead by the end of this episode. 

A lot of plot gets resolved this week in a very short amount of time. It’s better than the filler episodes at the beginning of the season, but ultimately worse because it’s sloppy and gross.

Turns out that the twinspawn are going haywire with their magic because they’re siphoning magic from the walls of the Armory. Just as Caroline discovers this, Kai uses the magic from the walls of the Armory (oh, how convenient) to break out of his magically impenetrable cell and hunt the twins down. 

Luckily for us, Ric goes all Liam Neeson on him and incapacitates Kai. Bonners steps in, sealing Kai in a prison world where he will live his immortal life in solitude, chained to a chair and listening to Spin Doctors karaoke. I don’t know how this actually works, because Bonnie doesn’t really have magic, but we’re made to believe that she can create entire psychic realms. Because magic and psychic are conveniently two completely different things.

Parallel to that bit of poetic justice, Stefan and Damon embark to try and kill Cade. Initially, they fail, leaving Damon to sacrifice his life to save Elena and Stefan. While Bonnie and Cade fight for Damon’s soul on an *ahem* psychic plane, Stefan manages to stab Cade with the black obsidian knife that kills him. How convenient he was distracted fighting over Damon in his psychic pretend world. If only we had done this HALF A SEASON AGO.

Turns out that killing Cade doesn’t destroy hell, but instead puts it under new management. Praise be, that means Katherine is coming back to town! Conveniently, chica has an axe to grind with the Salvatore brothers and I dig her style of vengeance. 

In the meantime, Damon stumbles back into existence. It turns out the psychic blast from killing Cade blew his soul back into his body. Oh. How convenient.

Does that mean that Enzo is also back? Discuss in the comments.

Oh, and Stefan gets over his broody fussiness and general man-pain long enough to ask Caroline to marry him. Again. Oh joy. A June wedding.

How convenient.

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