Synopsis of 2×06: Wayward Pines is completely screwed after the Abbies completely destroy their food source and the majority of the medical supplies they had are used to treat the wounded. The town only has about six weeks left unless they can deal with the Abby problem. And, really, the problem only seems to get worse.

Rating: ?????

At the end of the last episode the Abbies were torching the crops that the people of Wayward Pines depended on. Jason led a group of soldiers and citizens out to protect them but they were effectively slaughtered. Though Jason lives in denial the rest of the people running Wayward Pines realize that they’ve evolved. They are thinking. They learned to use fire from the humans when it was used against them and then applied their own strategies.

The Abbies specifically targeted the firefighters and basically just tore them apart. People came back missing limbs and with incredibly serious injuries. Theo and the kids at the hospital put up a valiant effort as far as treating the casualties go but there were a lot of losses.

In a town of less than 1,200 people they lost thirty-five in the attack – most of them from the First Generation. Even after Xander ‘liberates’ some weapons from the armory to go help with the Abbie threat it’s all that they can do to survive long enough to retreat. Unfortunately, the medical supplies were exhausted in the effort to keep the people who managed to escape the Abbies alive. Which really doesn’t matter any more because even if the injured were to recover they’re still going to die.

With the crops gone, CJ estimated that the people of Wayward Pines would starve to death in just six weeks.

So, there’s that.

Also, one of the dead was a member of last season’s cast. This time around it was Theresa. Adam and Theresa had this little possible romance/possible redemption thing going but ultimately she died rather unceremoniously after a very stereotypical, boring scene with Adam where he let her know it was “okay” for her to move on. I mean, her entire family is dead and she’s stuck in a post apocalyptic world where everything is terrible. Of course it was okay for her to die.

Honestly, I didn’t really care that Theresa died. That’s probably unfair but she didn’t seem to be adding much to the season. The writers didn’t seem to quite know if they wanted to focus on her grief or her relationship with Adam or her potential to be a voice of reason among the younger generation. She was doing some interesting things by appealing to Mario’s guilt and then… nothing.

Equally uninteresting when compared to the impending extinction of humanity is Theo, Rebecca, and Xander’s love triangle. Like, yeah, it’s a really cool dynamic and a really neat development as far as their characters go. I really want to see where that’s going… but maybe not when the Abbies are about to murder everyone.

Really, the most interesting part about this episode was what was happening with the Abbies.

Something is going on. Megan seems to realize Wayward Pines is two steps away from disaster and humanity is on the brink of actual extinction because she finally starts working with Theo. They discover that Margaret’s thought processing setion of her brain is way more developed than that of a human. Whether or not that means it’s just this lone female Abby who possesses that or all of them remains to be seen. From Adam’s reaction to Theo telling him there’s a female Abby in town, though, it seems like it might be all Margaret.

Which also probably helps to explain how she is apparently psychically linked to all the males and can, I guess, control them.

Hopefully more on all that later.

Anyway, Wayward Pines is basically screwed and mankind is going to die. I mean they aren’t going to die, I assume. When we talked with the creators of the show at WonderCon 2016 it was clear they meant for there to be a third season.

But from the way this one is progression I’m not sure I see any humans being alive for there to be a second season!

I mean, the end of the episode has basically every Abby around showing up at the edge of town SCREAMING. Like, how creepy is that?

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