The official recording of the panel will no doubt make its way onto the internet before long, but for those of you who don’t want to wait, we’ve got you covered. Between the press room and the panel, the Person of Interest cast had a lot to say about where their characters are going in the coming season. Though season five may be the last, they plan to go down swinging to bring their fans a jam packed thirteen episodes of television slated to air sometime next year. Without any further ado, here’s the five things you need to know from the press room and panel.

Root and Shaw will be reunited.

Last season a relationship that had been overtly hinted at finally came to a head as Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker) shared a rushed kiss right before Shaw dashed off to save them and sacrifice herself. Of course everyone wanted to know if we’d get to see their relationship develop more in the coming season, and the answer was a resounding “yes!” Sarah Shahi went on to say that it is nearly impossible to talk about her character without tying her into Root, because their relationship has definitely become realized.

Sarah also went on during the panel to say that she finds the relationship especially important in terms of LGBTQ+ representation and said she’s happy to be able to play it out on television. Also stating that Amy Acker is “great to play with,” in terms of an acting partner, it was obvious from their interactions on stage that they truly enjoy the direction their characters are going. Needless to say, there’s going to be a lot moving forward for these two ladies once season five finally hits.

Finch is having a crisis of faith. 

Jim Caviezel (John Reese) pointed out that his character this season has set out to remind Finch (Michael Emerson) what it is they are meant to do. With the Machine down, and the team trying to put her back together, Finch will question his purpose and his decisions. Greg Plageman assured folks in the press room that there would be a number of flashbacks this season as Harold wrestles with all of the decisions he’s made leading up to the point they found themselves at the end of season four, into season five. As Caviezel said, the best team is one that works together, and Reese is going to take it upon himself to get their team back up and running. Whatever it takes.

Fusco is going rogue.

After the end of season four, everyone wanted to know what was going to become of the much beloved Detective Fusco. He helped bust Dominic and saved some lives, but at the end of the finale he was separated from Team Machine as they ran for it and went underground to escape Samaritan’s clutches. When asked, Kevin Chapman mentioned in multiple instances that “Fusco will be going rogue.” Apparently the good detective has a lot of questions he wants answered, and the only way that’s going to happen is if he steps up and seeks them out. The question now is, will he be able to find Team Machine? And what part will he play in the fight against Samaritan?

Shaw is back, but not quite.

Throughout the press room and panel it was made very clear and obvious that Shaw would be back this season. That in and of itself isn’t news. The team’s reaction to Shaw returning, however, definitely is. Caviezel mentioned that John Reese is “wary” of Shaw. Emerson pointed out that Finch, too, would want to know just how deeply Samaritan affected her while they had her. Chapman says that while Fusco has a fondness for Shaw, there’s healthy suspicion there, too.

However, the audience will have the inside scoop as Sarah Shahi confirmed at the panel that Shaw will be getting a solo episode to help catch everyone up on what went on under Samaritan’s thumb. We’ll get to learn pretty quickly just where Shaw stands in the battle between Samaritan and Team Machine.

It is and always will be about the numbers.

The show has come far from season one, but Jim Caviezel assured fans that it has not lost its purpose. It has always been about the numbers, and will continue to be, until the show comes to a brutal end. That’s what motivates John Reese this season. While everyone else flounders about the Machine and Samaritan, Reese keeps on target and stays focused. They have to get the Machine back together because that’s the only way to keep their team functioning.

Even in the midst of an ever changing and growing plot line, to its core the show continues to be about saving everyday people.

Those are the five big takeaway points from the panel, but there’s some other fun information to pass around. First, Reese may finally find love for “about seven minutes” in one of the episodes. Next, Sarah Shahi dropped the note that Shaw and Root will “both have bruises, and it isn’t from fighting.” Then, Caviezel pointed out that it isn’t only the numbers which motivate Reese’s actions, but Carter’s death still weighs heavily on his mind as he sets out to try and right that wrong this season. Finally, when asked what they’re most proud of as they face the last season, it all came down to one response: “[we’re proud] we did something that no one else did.”

Person of Interest will air its fifth, and potentially final season, sometime in 2016. You can check out our full video interviews with the cast from New York Comic Con HERE.

3 thoughts on “Five things you need to know from the Person of Interest panel at NYCC 2015”

  1. Very disappointing that the lesbian angle has infiltrated this show. As much as we have enjoyed watching and especially the characters of Reese, Finch and Fusco, we won’t be watching anymore. Also it is sad to see Jim Caviezel be associated with a TV show that promotes perversion now. What a waste of a good story line with really engaging characters. (minus Root who is always irritating)

  2. Notice how Root became patronizing of Reese? She always called him a “trained monkey.” Somehow, with Caviezel being a (private) Catholic Christian, I think it helped (to some) to dismiss his formerly central role. I’m saddened Caviezel hasn’t said a word, since he gives devotional speeches, and the lesbian scene was out of line with no warning as to it’s graphic nature. I don’t like anyone surprising me with grab-*ss explicit sex in my own livingroom–just sayin!

    The A.I.s are the stars!! Has anyone wondered if they teem up in the end? (Samaritan & machine). Or maybe Samaritan wants to be redeamed? (Like so may *human* sociopath/killers). What would happen if it turned out Samaritan wanted Finch to teach it about humanity??
    See? There’s more than sex/violence to this show, but they got wayyy off track!!

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