Synopsis for 03×08: Vampires! And Cassandra! And kissing vampries! Oh man!

A golfer about to finish the final hole sweat profusely in the sun right before he gave in to spontaneous combustion. His wife, horrified, stared at the ashes of her husband on the green.

The clipping book informed the Librarians of the event, which Jake refused to believe. In the library he and Ezekiel argued about the actual probability of human combustion, with Jake claiming it didn’t actually happen and Ezekiel claiming it could. Jenkins had no helpful input as he worked on a new device. 

The team decided to split their efforts up. Ezekiel and Jake would go to Charleston to talk to the dead golfer’s wife while a rather squirrelly Cassandra insisted she should go to New York to talk to a friend of hers who was a doctor. She claimed he had experience in human combustion.

Eve offered to accompany her but was, at the last minute, grabbed by Flynn who claimed he had a lead on Charlene he believed was directed at Baird. They needed to go to Alaska. So each Librarian and guardian went their own way, Jake and Ezekiel to Charleston, Cassandra to New York, Flynn and Eve to Alaska. 

During their conversation with the victim’s wife, Ezekiel opened the curtain and the wife caught on fire and was quickly reduced to ashes. Cassandra, in New York, received bad news from her neurosurgeon who told her that she needed to have surgery right then and there to remove it. She asked what her timeline was if she did not have it removed and he told her she did not have one. They needed to remove it as soon as possible because it was a serious danger to her well being. 

Stoic, and unwilling to succumb to it, she returned to the Library and learned about the wife’s death. Acting a bit strangely (Jake and Ezekiel thought that she had been given caffeine), she swooned after Jenkins and asked him out on a date. He was no doubt flustered by the request and politely turned her down, quickly distracted by further work on the case. Ezekiel, Jake, and Cassandra went to the healing camp the first victim had gone to in order to cure his cancer. They found a beautiful oasis with rich, fertile soil and happy people tending to it. 

Cassandra fell into the orbit of the oasis-keeper’s daughter, Estrella, and accidentally let it slip that they were not there from the county, but were investigating people burning alive. Estrella appeared shocked, while Ezekiel and Jake investigated and realized the gardeners did not have reflections. They returned to the library with the conclusion that they were dealing with vampires and the boys geared up for a vampire fight, calmed only when Cassandra insisted there might be more to the situation than they know. Jenkins backed her up and the boys calmed down. 

Without distraction, Cassandra cornered Jenkins and confronted him about the rejection. She told him that he had so much life to live and was not going to do it, that being an immortal did not mean he could not date and be in love. He explained to her that he had once pledged his heart to a woman for all eternity and even though she chose another, he remained loyal to her. 

Speaking of dates, it turned out Flynn’s “mission” was a really well organized vacation for him and Eve. He took her hiking in an Alaskan forest (which looked suspiciously like the Oregon forests I know so well) and ended near a river at a tent set up for a romantic dinner.

The rest of the team was not so lucky as they went back to the camp to talk with the vampires and learned more. The matriarch of the family explained they had come from Spain and she was ready to die. They spent their final night relaxing and enjoying themselves and she stayed up to wait for the sun. When it came, she did not burn, and they realized that it was tied to the place they ended up building the camp. 

The area became a sanctuary for their kind, a place for them to live in the sunlight and be safe. They also invited in those who were not of their kind, specifically the ill, and treated them with their blood. It explained why the golfer no longer had cancer. The matriarch insisted they did not turn people and she wanted to get to the bottom of people exploding as much as the Librarians did. 

Ezekiel and Jake split off from Cassandra to investigate some shifty vampires while Estrella talked to Cass about her illness. The boys followed the workers to what appeared to be a secret shed and slipped in to find a lab.

It seemed the vampires were trying to use the strange rocks found in the soil on the grounds to make some sort of concoction, and Ezekiel identified the rock as material from a meteor. They dashed under a table when the vampires returned and heard their nefarious plan: they wanted to make it so vampires could walk in the sunlight without restriction, but thus far had only made the effects last seven days. 

Cassandra and Estrella discussed prospects, and Estrella offered Cassandra the chance to stay in the sanctuary with her. She would be safe, happy, and well, even though she would miss the Library and her friends. In the Library, Jenkins found the business card Cassandra’s neurosurgeon gave to her and began to investigate, concerned. Cassandra met back up with the boys who told her about the stone and she confronted Estrella, who admitted she had a theory but did not tell them who she shared it with. Instead, she went straight to her mother. 

Jenkins met with Cassandra’s doctor and received the news about her brain scans by claiming to be a family member. Pretty sure that is a violation of HIPPA (though maybe it doesn’t apply to immortal human beings who don’t technically exist on the record). 

When Cassandra and Estrella arrived to see Estrella’s mother, they found her reduced to ashes with Ezekiel and Jake standing over them. Estrella’s brother accused them of killing their mother even when the boys insisted it was not them and they knew about the experiment. They were left behind while Estrella, her brother, and Cassandra went to investigate. Before he left, the brother told the remaining vampires to take the boys and kill them once they were gone. Thankfully the pair of them had a few tricks up their sleeve and fought their way out. 

Cassandra had a trick of her own and got the brother to inadvertently admit his part in everything when she explained what the experiment had gotten wrong. Estrella, naturally upset, attacked her brother and they ended up in a fight. Jake and Ezekiel were faced with more vampires when Jenkins showed up with a sword and killed them all rather elegantly, showing he still has some mad knight skills and he is not afraid to use them! Once they were safe he immediately inquired into Cassandra’s whereabouts, clearly worried. 

Back at the fight, Cassandra pretended to attack to distract the brother long enough for his sister to kill him. She then passed out, Jenkins swooping in to pick her up and get her to the hospital. Word got to Flynn and Eve who, in the middle of a romantic moment where Flynn was about to tell her something important (after she badgered him about wanting to know why he brought her out there) and both of them rushed to the hospital. Cassandra went into surgery, Jenkins telling her the Library chose her as a person, not her tumor, and that he loved her very much. 

The whole worried team (family) waited to get the news. Surgery was eventually completed and Cassandra came out of it alright, albeit without her ability. Or so she thought, until she quickly realized that her ability had returned and was even more expansive than the original “screen” she used. It appeared that her ability had been hindered by the tumor, not created by it, and she seemed startled by the conclusion. 

Long after her recovery (I assume, anyway, given her beautiful head of hair), Cassandra returned to the sanctuary to see Estrella and thank her for the previous offer to make her immortal. The two had a moment together, Estrella telling her the offer would stand, and they kissed. 

Now folks, that’s a way to end an episode.

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