2016 has been a helluva year for movies! Usually our top lists of the year are much more scientifically based, but not this one! I put out the call in the virtual office for what flicks everyone was digging on and boy howdy the responses I got run the gamut. One thing is for sure, these movies are for nerds. Like us.

Here’s a brief round up of the movies we enjoyed the most this year!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The most recent release on here, it wouldn’t be a real top nerd movie list without Star WarsRogue One has shown audiences everywhere what a real war story in that galaxy far, far away is like and being the first anthology film gave faith that they can pull off the unexpected. You’ve seen this movie, and if you haven’t check out our (spoiler free!) review of it. It’s worth it.

Star Trek: Beyond

Surprising just about everyone, the third entry into the Star Trek reboot franchise offered a closer-to-source-material adaption of the Trek-verse. Which is strange to say given it features lots of dirt bikes and more Beastie Boys. But hey, we dug it. 


An honest to god sci-fi film without ray gun blasts or uber-destruction, Arrival is the thoughtful turn we haven’t enjoyed much of in cinema. To talk too much about it is to risk spoiling, but Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner turn in solid, subdued performances as educated folks piecing together the mystery of… the arrival.

Don’t Breathe

A surprise pick by more than one Staff Writer, this was the sleeper horror movie that almost everyone agreed was fantastic. Following three kids who break into a blind man’s home, they get more than they bargain for in trying to rob him of the money he’s got stashed away from his daughter’s death. Named after what you’ll do for most of the movie – hold your breath! – there are twists and turns that makes nearly every character sympathetic in the end.

The Witch

The Witch came out back at the start of the year, set in 17th century New England tells the tale of a family enduring evil out on their own homestead near the woods. It’s art, plan and simple. A movie that goes all in on its conceit with era accurate clothing, buildings, and even accents, and goes places you are not expecting.


Disney introduces another instantly classic Princess of color with the release of Moana this year. Visually, the film was stunning and the comic relief of The Rock’s Maui was a welcome addition to the film. Moana is a great, strong role model for young women and bravely endured her quest to save the sea, even when things got scary at times. Check out our full review of the film to see how much we loved it!

Captain America: Civil War

The best civil war. Cap vs. Iron Man. Brother vs. Brother. BFFs > Avengers. Captain America expands the characters solo film franchise, into much more of an Avengers 2.5 as everyone has made clear, and builds more into the MCU as a whole. While you can watch the others and miss out on, say, Thor or The Incredible Hulk, it is impossible to have missed Civil War. Read our full review of the movie and check out what special features come on the blu-ray release as well.

Hail, Caesar

Historical drama set in Golden Era of Hollywood. George Clooney plays Caesar who is cast in a movie as an imbecile actor. It’s pretty meta when you think about it. But in all seriousness, the Coen brothers deliver another delightful, layered movie full of superb acting.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Stop motion animated movie that is a wicked good time. It tells the story of Kubo on a journey with mystic companions to reclaim a family treasure. Much like all of Laika’s films, the movie is a labor of love, creating something no one knew we wanted, but all who see love. Chances are this one slipped by your radar, search it out, it is worth your time or read our review here.

As I said, here are a bunch of movies we enjoyed the most in 2016. (Except for Rogue One, that’s objectively the best movie.) Did your favorite make the cut? See anything you didn’t catch? (I gotta see Moana and Don’t Breathe myself!) Let us know in the comments!

Here’s to 2017 and all the great releases coming our way.

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