Synopsis of 03×03-03×07: The Egyptian God of Chaos continues to wreak havoc on the world as the Librarians try to balance their weekly missions with preventing the release of true evil into the world. 

The Librarians season three is coming into the final stretch and the season thus far has taken our heroes on a number of harrowing journeys. Between Cassandra and Jake getting stuck in a blizzard at a lodge hosting a frost giant convention, where everyone wants the artifact attached to Cassandra, Baird having a supernatural hit put out on her, and the team fighting clowns, Cindy, and themselves, there has been no end to the vibrant insanity in every episode.

Perhaps most potent of these things is the personal growth seen throughout the episodes as everyone gets their moment in the spotlight. 

For example, in And the Tears of a Clown, we had the chance to see Jenkins do some of his best individual work as he fought to save his friends from a crazy magician dead set on wooing a girl from his high school. Stuck without the rest of the team, Jenkins managed to handle himself well, and avoided clowns and other oddities to save the day.

In turn, once reunited with the rest of the team, they were able to snag the artifact, save the girl (Felicia Day!) and banish one creepy dudebro who had no idea his high school crush did not ditch him for a magician but was just trying to get them tickets to the magic show. 

Ezekiel had a chance to show who he was in And the Curse of Cindy when he ended up impervious to the magical perfume that made everyone obsessed with Cindy. At first he was told he was not affected because he was “already obsessed with himself,” but it became clear later that it was hardly the issue.

It is important not to conflate obsession with confidence, and Ezekiel showed the audience that it was his confidence that saved him, as well as his friends, whose friendship and love gave him the confidence he needed to not require anyone’s approval. For a young, scrappy thief who so often plays the “I don’t care” card, this was a nice change of pace. 

Of course Eve Baird has had her fill of chaos, especially as the writers continued to play with the dynamics of her and Flynn’s relationship. Flynn, having disappeared to go find Charlene, continues to reappear when he is needed (or when he is kidnapped by the team), but the two are not without their issues.

As seen in And the Trial of the Triangle, a pretend fight turned into a real one as they vented about their frustrations. Eve, frustrated with Flynn’s tendency to run off and isolate himself, and Flynn frustrated with the loss of Eve’s adoration. He wanted her to look at him as a hero again, not with disdain or frustration. 

Then Cassandra and Jake had their own developments, stuck in a lodge after Cassandra used magic to get an artifact out of ice. After magic saved them, with a little quick thinking from the rest of the team back in the Library, Jake reminded Cassandra that magic was ultimately dangerous.

Perhaps it had gotten them out of the situation, but it also got them into it, and that needed to be taken into consideration when it came to its use. This has been one of the major themes, especially important after last season when Cassandra met the magical women of the lake who seemed to really put the idea of magic into her head. 

Beside the character growth, the universe has gotten bigger. We have had DOSA continually meddling in the affairs of the Librarians (often thwarted, thankfully) and Apep dead set on meddling too in an attempt to release evil into the world.

In both cases the larger, overarching plot line of the season has been fed, and it is a grim reminder that we will lose someone this season. As we coast into the last three episodes, it is still unclear (by design, I’m sure) who is going to be up on the chopping block. 

Flynn is always my first thought, given his long time involvement as a Librarian, his past work, and because it would make sense for the very last of the “previous generation” to join the rest of the Librarians in death.

It would seem strange to kill off Jake, Cassandra, or Ezekiel, but of course they’re not off the table. My guess, and my fear, is that it will be Eve Baird who takes the hit in fulfillment of her guardian duties. She has already put herself at risk, but that makes me believe that there is going to be a horrible twist and someone else is going to take the shot from her. 

Whatever the case may be, we are looking forward to see what the final three episodes will bring as the third season tips toward its wrap-up. If you’re not watching, you should catch up now while you can!

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