Synopsis of 8×07: It’s definitely the episode before the midseason finale. Eugene talks a lot and probably won’t ever be forgiven by Rick’s group at this rate.

After Jadis and the trash people check on Rick, he again tries to convince them to join up with his group to attack the Saviors. For a man in his underwear, he’s not very convincing as Jadis takes some weird old school pictures of him before locking him away once again. She’s planning to sculpt him “after.”

Trapped in the Sanctuary, Eugene confronts Dwight because he knows he’s the one selling the Saviors out to Rick. If Dwight agrees to stop helping Rick, Eugene won’t tell Negan. But he has other plans and explains to Eugene that the Sanctuary is over whether they like it or not – they can both join the winning side if they let the siege play out.

For some reason, Eugene has other plans and storms off to check on the walkers outside their walls. After getting troubling news, he is called into Gabriel’s hospital room by Dr. Carson 2.0. Gabriel’s organs are failing and he’s contracted multiple diseases from smearing walker guts all over himself. The doctor wants to try some eastern medicine remedies on him, but that requires Eugene to stand watch while he goes to gather the supplies. Gabriel takes the opportunity to again implore Eugene to do the right thing and allow the doctor to get back to the Hilltop for Maggie.

Morgan spots the garbage truck pull up outside of the Sanctuary and he goes to meet Tara, Daryl, Michonne, and Rosita. He informs them that the snipers posted around are on their side and will help out with their plans. Rosita, of all people, questions why they’re jumping the gun on a plan that’s already working and ultimately can’t in good conscience assist them. Daryl, Tara, and even Michonne are still on board though.

One of Negan’s wives knocks on Eugene’s door in search of her boombox that he was meant to fix up. With everything going on, he hasn’t had the chance, but he asks her to leave the bargaining bottle of wine for him anyways because it helps him sleep. She reminds him that he had the chance to change the Sanctuary once and he chose himself, so that’s something he’ll have to live with the same way that she’s trapped there.

Another Savior shows up as she leaves and delivers Eugene to Negan for a chat. Negan absolutely blows smoke up Eugene’s ass to make him feel like he’s important and necessary to the Saviors. Eugene tries to kiss his hand, to which Negan stops him and explains how a handshake works. It’s “mutual respect,” but it’s also hilarious.

Daryl, Michonne, and Tara drive up to the Sanctuary to enact their plan when Michonne finally starts to reconsider. She finally understands that this terrible plan is not worth risking their lives, but to Daryl and Tara it still is. She leaves them behind as they move into place.

While fixing the boombox, Eugene has another idea involving the speaker. He has to go collect Sasha’s iPod to help him create a motorized plane that plays music and is meant to draw the herd away. Dwight tries to stop him from launching the plane, but when he can’t bring himself to kill Eugene, he shoots down the plane instead. Eugene may or may not have recorded the incriminating conversation before Dwight ran off.

Meanwhile, Tara gets into place and Daryl readies the truck. As she and Morgan lay down cover fire, Daryl points the truck directly at the Sanctuary. He puts a brick on the gas pedal and bails out as it smashed through a wall. Walkers stream in and the Saviors panic, but they appear to be holding their own against the oncoming horde. Daryl and Tara make a quick escape.

Eugene, on the other hand, witnesses the chaos with ever-growing rage. He angrily bursts into Gabriel’s hospital room to tell the poor delirious priest that he’s not going to help them, he’ll never help them, and he won’t feel bad about it. Dr. Carson will stay at the Sanctuary in case Eugene ever needs his help. And then he storms out to meet with Negan.

He has a new plan involving the intercom system, but he demurs from actually outing Dwight in Negan’s presence. Meanwhile, Negan makes sure that Eugene understands that he’s going to bring the pain to Rick and his group as soon as the Saviors are free. Eugene is totally fine with that plan and sulks off to free them. Later in his room, he’s having a rough time with his choices, but no one should feel bad.

Rick, once again, is brought out of the shipping container by the trash people. They introduce him to another one of their Mad Max-esque walkers, attempting to allow it to bite him. A comically bad fight ensues, where an incapacitated Rick manages to take down two of the trash people, rips the head off the walker, and overpowers Jadis too. It would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

When Jadis has the trash people stand down, Rick lets her up and again asks her to join their efforts. This time, she negotiates (one-fourth of the Saviors stuff and she wants to sculpt Rick, he agrees to the splitting of stuff). They reach an agreement, but when Rick takes them to the Sanctuary, he sees the garbage truck without walkers and what appears to be an empty building.

Next week, the midseason finale.

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