Synopsis of 1×06: Laura’s backstory is explored with particular focus on the traumatic experience that led her to become a doctor, while Ben continues his clean up after the death of Roger.

This episode finally gave some insight into Laura (Allison Miller) and why she has the commitment to those outside of the wall. The episode begins with a contemplation of leaving the Green Zones for the Red, which leads Laura directly into a flashback. As we learned last episode, she experienced something traumatic out there in the past and has not returned since. 

This flashback takes us to a younger Laura who is heading out with friends to a club in the Red Zone. The three friends separate within the club when various gentlemen catch their eyes. For Laura, a Red Zone fellow seems interested, until she is interrupted by a Green exec who thinks his oozing “bro-ness” will attract her. Lucky for her, the Red Zone fellow steps in just in time and leads her onto the dance floor. 

Of course, as with any high ranking daughter of society, she was followed by body guards so asks if the two of them can slip away. Seems like the perfect set-up for a romantic comedy – until it isn’t. The Red Zone fellow, Bradley, leans in for a kiss, only to knock her unconscious with a shock of electricity, and not the electricity of a first kiss.

Bradley and his sister, Kim, take her into their vehicle, only briefly questioned by the police, who think Bradley is taking her for an evening of his pleasure (disgusting to be sure, but perhaps not as horrific as what actually awaits her) and carry her to their apartment. Their mother and nephew sit idly in the kitchen as she is carried into the backroom.

Apparently, this family makes a living kidnapping Green Zone girls and requesting ransoms from their family. Little do they know, they’ve hit the jackpot, or perhaps death sentence. The two slowly torture Laura, removing an ear as they record. 

Elizabeth Strauss (Julia Ormond) refuses to pay a ransom for her daughter, instead sending Julian (Dennis Haysbert) after her. This breaks with SPIGA protocol, but she would rather have her daughter survive, and so promises Julian a transfer out of the city in compensation for his help. 

As heroic as Julian’s efforts are, Laura accomplishes much of her own rescue. While she is alone in the room, she knocks her chair over and manages to grab the scalpel that was just used on her ear. She uses it to cut through the ties holding her to the chair, cutting her own wrists in the process. When Kim returns to the room, she soon realizes that the cords have been cut, but too late.

She and Laura struggle until the scalpel is forced into her throat and she lies lifeless on the floor. As Laura stands to leave, Bradley arrives in the doorway with a pistol aimed at her. Here, faithful Julian appears and neutralizes the threat. Laura is safe. 

Returning to the present, Laura reflects on this incident, remembering that she chose to enter medicine as a profession because of the kind doctor who helped her with her injuries after this traumatic event. From here, she leaves for the Red Zone, to help her former servants neighbor with appendicitis. She won’t allow the violence of one person (or family) to taint her heart for others. She grew kind out of violence. She’s the hero of this show. 

We see briefly what Ben (Sean Teale) is up to. He’s having nightmares of dead bodies returning to life, presumably the body of Roger. He and Theo (Eddie Ramos) manage to send Roger’s (Douglas Nyback) watch off with some Inazagi personnel to make it seem that Roger defected. 

To be fair, this whole series I’ve been far more interested in the motivations of Laura and so was so glad to see an episode devoted to her. I’d much rather find out where her story will lead, whether Ben is there or not. I understand that his whole existence in the Green Zone is an attempt to save the love of his life, but with how strong Laura is proving to be, I’m not looking forward to the revelation that he has been lying to her the entire time. Hopefully she can rise above that as well. Maybe even help bring down the company or extend its resources to those in need. Maybe she will be the hero. 

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