This past Friday brought us back to the Renaissance. And you guys know how much I love the Renaissance. So after a weekend of work and homework, I’m glad to write up this recap to last week’s episode.

So fun times this episode. It was way less magical and mysterious, but we still got to see Leonardo’s mind at work. I’d say we’re off to a good start so far. Leonardo is moving up in the world. He’s been hired as an enginner for the Medicis and is painting Lucrezia’s portrait. But in his first attempt to show off his machine gun or “pipe organ musket”, he fails and pretty much is given an ultimatum by Lorenzo that he has five days to complete a working machine gun before he’s hung up. Which seems harsh, but compared to the immediate execution his men wanted, it’s much nicer. Anyways, Leonardo spends most of the episode running around, half trying to figure out the clues from the Sons of Mithras and half trying to figure out how to get the machine gun to work.

They spent a good part of the beginning digging up the hanged Jew they saw in the last episode, and digging through his entrails to find a key that he didn’t even know he was looking for. Obviously the key will lead them to the Book of Leaves, which Girolamo, the Pope, and Rome is looking for. Finding the key in the Jew, Leonardo realizes that he needs not one, but two keys in order to open a mysterious lock. He retraces the steps of the Jew, bringing him back to the bookstore where the Jew was captured. In retracing the steps, he finds the book that the Jew left in the store. Rearranging the pages of the Hebrew book, and reading it through, teaches Leo that his answer is somewhere in South America? I’m not really sure where they’re going with that.

In the House of Medici, we have some problems. Someone has told Girolamo Riario of Leonardo and his making weapons for the Medicis. Lorenzo has become aware that there is a traitor in his court. He confirms it is not Da Vinci, but has no idea that it is his beloved mistress Lucrezia. He is taunted by Riario and threatened by him, and even manages to kidnap Nico and torture him for answers. Nico manages to get an upper hand on him by making use of Leonardo’s exploding box. When Leonardo sees what Girolamo has done to Nico, he’s basically cemented his hate for Rome. He perfects his pipe organ musket, and makes a second and successful example of his weapon against Riario, blasting most of them to pieces.

The episode ends with Leonardo figuring out the map of South America is another step in his search for the Book of Leaves, but we also find out that Girolamo possesses the second key that Leonardo needs.

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