Synopsis of 1xo9: This is what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. Time to get honest up in this biz! 

This episode should have been called Honesty Scone. The theme, honesty in relationships, was pretty heavy-handed from the get-go. Whether it’s romantic, familial, professional or personal, the truth is always the best course of action.

Evie’s truth bomb of the week? Not telling Xavier that she saw Dr. Field’s throw away his research. Which loses him a month of trying to get the word out. Xavier is, of course, devastated and furious. But Evie, in her attempt to win him back, gets Timothy to help spread the word.

While this will ultimately backfire, her idea to get the Suggestibles from the CyberMart mailing list is inspired. Xavier is finally able to get his message out and others are able to come clean to themselves about what they really want. Shout-out to Arthur the Accountant who quits his terrible CyberMart job.

[the cw]
[the cw]
Xavier’s honesty scone is named Hamish. It’s a rather large, hairy scone, one Evie will have a hard time swallowing. Turns out that despite Xavier’s seemingly hard and fast principles on honesty, he’s made a big exception for himself. Xavier/Hamish has a lot to answer for. Like, why did all the people from his past (cousin Jesse, Tuesday, Tuesday’s hot friend) call him Xavier. How long has he been Hamish? And how could he possibly have rationalized this?

Dierdre’s secret is a doozy as well. Despite telling Hank she only has room in her life for work, turns out she has room for ballroom dancing and a cowboy named Pete. Pete is not only her competitive dance partner, he’s also her twice divorced ex-husband. He calls himself Re-Pete. This is pretty big news to Hank.

I can understand why Deirdre never told Hank during their relationship. But to string Hank along the way she did was pretty cruel. They’re possibly my favorite couple in this show and I hope they can work it out. (Also, snaps for Amy Pietz and her gorgeous dancing. Those gams, girl!)

We all know Kareema’s secret. And she tries to soften the blow by helping her brother Rohan out post breakup. His five stages of relationship grief are excellent to watch, and pretty relatable to everyone. Post-dramatic break-up, I too have gone through those five stages. Except add a couple pints of ice cream to that list.

Nonetheless, Kareema’s honesty scone is also denied. In a brilliant little silent scene, we see Rohan take the news badly and storm off. Kareema is a character who has been so much fun to get to know. She presents herself as dead inside (and she likes it that way). But she’s really starting to show how much she cares for her loved ones. This episodes she not only helps out Rohan, she also help Hank try to dance back into Deidre’a heart. Too bad neither attempts at care and affection end in the success she hoped.

[the cw]
[the cw]
And then, there’s Fern. We had to come back to her at some point. I was really rooting for Fern to become a part of this crazy group of characters. But her embezzling from CyberHugs is a big blow to the moral aptitude of her character and she had to go.

Last, there’s Timothy. Timothy’s nickname of the week is Peanut, which is kind of a disappointment. His honesty is largely untouched. He’s blind to the fact that he’s still desperately in love with Evie. He knows he needs space, and he knows that he and Fern have great chemistry.

What he doesn’t see how his love of Evie is stopping him from fully engaging in a relationship that could be great for him. Fern doesn’t leave CuberHugs because Evie makes her see the right way. She leaves because the man she loves can’t be honest with himself about his capacity to return her affections.

No sign of the rest of Evie’s family. I hope dad becomes honest about his acting career and I hope Mary Anne gets some honesty from her absentee husband. Maybe we’ll find out next week.

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