Synopsis of 03×11: The team is forced to take refuge on the plane after deadly spores from the nearest hybrid nest spread. With most of the team wounded and Clem about to have a baby, things aren’t looking so great. 

After everyone got shot or stabbed last week, Clem made her way out of the regeneration tank and walked straight into the chaos. She found Sam, the only one who was okay, and together they addressed the team. Using solution from the regeneration tank she essentially “drowned” everyone who was injured to get them back up and running even if it was not a permanent fix.

Over at the IADG, Dariela and Logan were informed that they had a limited amount of time to figure out what to do with the beacons and hybrid nests. Specifically, they had 31 hours and 17 minutes to take care of the issue before it became too big to handle. No pressure. Add in the fact the team is stuck in the plane in Seoul because of diffused spores, then maybe you’ve got a little bit of pressure. Or a lot. Lets be honest, things are not looking good.

Of course the first thing everyone does when they wake up from dealing with their gunshots is figure out Jamie’s not-so-master plan and end up mad at her. She ended up shoved into a cage by Jackson down near the filter, where he placed a monitor for the spores and told her to honk the air horn when the monitor turned red. They needed to keep an eye on the spore situation because, while Clem pressurized the plane, without ongoing power it would not maintain pressure and would eventually leak. 

Speaking of leaking, Clem’s water broke. Terrible timing. 

In the midst of crisis there were a lot of arguments. Jamie accused Jackson of wanting to still save Abigail and Clem called Sam out on colluding with Abigail. Abe, innocent and wonderful Abe, ended up needing emergency surgery at the hands of Mitch and Max to patch up a hole in his “chest cavity.” In a scene I’m quite certain was not run through any medical consult, they stung him with a scorpion to get him to pass out and then patched him up with a maxed out credit card that belonged to, you guessed it, Max. 

Leaving Abe passed out but patched up, Max and Mitch has a weird father-son moment while Max super glued Mitch’s gunshot wound shut. They talked about scars and babies and how Clem’s baby would make the world a better place. Already in a mood, Mitch decided to go tell Jamie that she “is the darkness” and that he is “not anything at [her] anymore.” Things are going well on the interpersonal front. 

Jackson, desperate to save his team and the world, came up with a final idea: the IADG could disrupt Abigail’s beacons with an EMP. The IADG team showed up to find the beacon was a lot larger than they thought and, instead of using the EMP, they cut the power cord. Everything went boom. Apparently it wiped out the entire city of Tokyo. What is Godzilla going to do now? 

In light of blowing up an entire city Jackson decided to call his ex(?) girlfriend, Tessa, and had a pity party on the phone with her. He assumed he and the team would die and he wanted Tessa to get a message to Abigail. Why he can’t seem to realize Abigail is bad and trying to end the world and therefore doesn’t deserve messages, I’ll never know. 

Clem’s contractions started to pick up even though she insisted on trying to help. Mitch forced her to lay down as she dealt with labor pains and did a terrible job at soothing her. Sam was much better at the job and told a story about ducks, which led to Mitch and Max figuring out that if they put oil on the filter then it will repel the spores and they’ll be okay. Of course! Just like water off a duck’s back! What even is science!

Since nothing can be okay this close to the finale, Abe (newly conscious) discovered that there was a clot somewhere (?) that was a risk to the baby if they didn’t deliver him immediately, but a risk to Clem if they did deliver the baby. She chose life and they induced faster labor despite Mitch and Sam’s objections. Can’t anyone catch a break? 

Tessa showed up at the IADG. It turned out she had worked for them before heading to the barrier. Working with Dariela and Logan, she and Jackson figured out a final way to stop the beacons: figure out the dead man’s switch. Jackson tried to get information off of it on his laptop but his computer couldn’t handle it. The IADG said they could handle it, but since Jackson is dealing with a spore issue and they don’t have long before the spores get into the plane, things still looked bleak. 

Using the duck idea, Max stopped by Jamie’s cell to inform her of his plan. He would swap out the filter even if it meant being exposed to the spores. He took her air horn so she couldn’t stop him and went on his merry way. To be honest, it was probably the one move this season that made some sense. 

While Max changed the filters, Clem had her baby and he got a chance to hear his great grandson’s cries. He promptly passed out, but his plan worked and he was able to restore power to the plane so everyone could breathe. Abe checked Clem out and found that the clot had passed. Where it is now, the world may never know, but she and her baby were in the clear. Everything came together when the IADG was able to neutralize the spores and Jackson went down to meet the new baby with a new hope. 

Mitch found Max and dragged him to see Clem and meet his great grandson right before he died holding him. I hope they don’t regale the kid with the story at a later time. 

At the end, Mitch went back down to Jamie, who was in her cell. She wanted to know if Max made it, Mitch had a breakdown and apologized for what he said earlier and they had a forehead-touch-through-the-bars moment. For a few minutes the waters were calm.

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