Synopsis of 7×05: Maggie and Sasha did end up making it to the Hilltop after the events of the season premiere, but their visit may be short lived if Gregory has anything to say about it.

Maggie is told by the Hilltop doctor that her baby is fine, even going so far as to let her hear the heartbeat, but that it’s best if she stays around for the duration of her pregnancy so he can take care in case any other medical issues pop up. Given the orders for rest, she and Sasha go to visit Glenn and Abraham’s graves. They talk about staying for the doctor and Maggie puts her father’s pocket watch, the one he gave to Glenn in season two, on Glenn’s grave.

Jesus approaches them and reveals he’s the one who put flowers on the graves, but their quiet moment is interrupted by Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop, who can’t even be bothered to remember Maggie’s name. He insists she leave immediately, and inform “Rich” of how they’d helped her, even if he didn’t help them with their Savior problem.

He continues to bluster on, yelling at Sasha for not doing her work and staying away from Maggie, without realizing that Sasha came with her. He wants plausible deniability should Negan ever find out about their plans and that happens with Sasha and Maggie’s leaving. Eventually, he relents to allow them to stay the night, while Jesus argues for both girls to stay, but in the morning they’ll have to be gone.

In Alexandria, Carl and Rick are arguing about their new lifestyle of scavenging for Negan, neither Carl or Michonne are all that happy about it. Michonne allows Rick to go on the scavenging mission alone, while Carl tries to bring her to his side, but she doesn’t know what they should do next, so she leaves him with instructions to change his bandage and be kind to Olivia.

After Michonne leaves, Carl sees Enid preparing to scale the fence and leave Alexandria. She tells him that she’s going to see Maggie at the Hilltop and make sure she’s okay. He says some cruel things to her, including that he won’t save her again and that he’s not sorry he had the experience with Negan, but eventually lets her leave on her own.

Sasha and Maggie get set up in a trailer inside of the Hilltop walls while Sasha tries to figure out a way for Maggie to stay – even if it means she has to go out and scavenge. Jesus is helping them and trying to think of things when he gives Sasha a necklace Abraham lost the last time he was at the Hilltop. It’s the broken brake light from the fuel truck that Rosita made into a necklace for Abraham before he dumped her, he’d lost it defending Gregory from an attacker.

They talk about their next plans and decide to think on it for a night, but wake up in the middle of it to find a car blaring music, the gates open, and fire and walkers all around the Hilltop. Sasha goes to turn the car off while Maggie tries to direct Jesus and some other Hilltop members to close the gates and get the situation under control.

Unfortunately, Sasha can’t get into the car – which has been rigged to keep from opening – but Maggie finds a tractor to run over not just the walkers, but the car as well, effectively stopping the music. Between Sasha, Maggie, and Jesus, they clean up the Hilltop of stray walkers.

Enid stops her bike and finds a walker close to her when a car comes up and rams into it, reversing back into it a second time when it gets back up. Carl ruined one of the Alexandria cars, only to tell Enid he was out for a ride and joining her on her walk to the Hilltop. On their journey, he admits to her that he wants to kill Negan for selfish reasons after the events that happened and that he’s sorry he locked her in the armory. She is quick to say she didn’t need to see what happened.

In the morning, Jesus is arguing again with Gregory that Sasha and Maggie should be allowed to stay. They burst into the meeting and Sasha offers to leave if Maggie can stay because of their actions saving the Hilltop the night before. Gregory doesn’t get the chance to argue with them about it because the Saviors show up and he has Jesus hide them in a closet.

Simon is the leader of the Saviors who shows up and takes Gregory into his study to have a chat while admiring a painting Gregory has in there. He admits to Gregory that the night before was an example to the Hilltop, which has gotten too comfortable. The Saviors were supposed to ride in and save the Hilltop today, which Gregory says they still did because they’d learned everything from the Saviors. He mentions the deaths that Rick’s group caused and how they now work for the Saviors, to which Gregory acts very surprised and continues to grovel.

Trying to gain even more favor with Simon, Gregory tries to give up Maggie and Sasha, only to find them not in the closet he was expecting. Instead, he’s forced to give up his box of scotch and Simon makes him kneel before the Saviors go through the Hilltop taking half of everything they have there.

Carl happens to stray off the road and find two pairs of roller skates that allows him and Enid to have a brief moment of fun on their way to the Hilltop. Once they make it there, they see Negan’s men packing up and Enid realizes Carl was never there for her. He offers to take her with him to kill Negan, but she declines because he’s only doing it for himself. They share a kiss and goodbyes. When he says, “I’ll see you,” her answer is, “No. You won’t.”

Once the saviors leave, Gregory bursts into his room to yell at Jesus for not stashing Sasha and Maggie in the correct closet. Jesus threatens Gregory with telling everyone about the deal he made with Alexandria if they leave. When Gregory goes to explain to Maggie that the Saviors are reasonable, she punches him in the face and takes Glenn’s watch from his pocket. Her name is Maggie Rhee and he’ll learn it because the Hilltop is her new home.

Jesus admits to them later that he got here after Gregory was already in power and until recently he didn’t see anyone else in his position. After Maggie leaves them, Sasha asks him to quietly find out where Negan lives without telling Maggie.

When Maggie goes to return the watch to the grave, she finds Enid there with some green balloons blown up and put on one of the graves. They hug and Maggie takes her back to their trailer to eat, sharing a story about how she similarly ran over a boy’s Camaro with a tractor in high school.

Sasha finds them there and asks why there are balloons on Abraham’s grave, to which Maggie says she didn’t have the heart to tell Enid about her mix-up. Maggie goes on to give the watch to Enid because it’s important to remember the people they’ve lost and they pray over dinner before eating.

As the caravan of Saviors leaves, Jesus hops into the back of the truck headed for Negan’s compound, only to find Carl already in there…

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