Honestly, this is why I’m happy crowdfunding was invented. After the successful funding of Reading Rainbow, I didn’t think Kickstarter could do anything better to revive my childhood. I was wrong. Dead wrong. So wrong, and so happy to have been wrong. With Joel Hodgson leading the charge, Mystery Science Theater 3000 might just make it back to our screens with all new movies and hilarious riffs.

I grew up with MST3K. I didn’t always understand it, but I would sit and watch it with my dad or sister growing up and I was always fascinated by the commentary. As I got older, I began to engage in that silly commentary, much to the chagrin of anyone who watches movies with me. After it was cancelled it faded for a time, until high school came along and I bought a number of DVDs with money from my high school job. I fell back in love, and still to this day pull out Manos: The Hands of Fate whenever I’m feeling down and need a good laugh.

With all that said, here’s where you come in: this project still needs help to get fully funded. Even as it nears its two million goal, that won’t necessarily be enough to produce a whole season. A whole season is going to be left to the stretch goals, and I implore everyone who ever enjoyed an episode of MST3K to pull out their wallets and donate even the smallest of amounts to help push it into full funding and beyond.

Need more reason to help fund this project? Check out what Joel had to say about what a revived series would look like:

In a world where riffing has become as common as our national pastime, baseball, it makes sense: like baseball, everyone knows how to play, but sometimes it feels good to just sit back and watch the original movie riffing team take a whack at it. And if we came back, imagine all the riffs we could make about things like Uber or Cards Against Humanity!

He’s right. All anyone has to do is look at Twitter during a major political event, or follow any sort of live-tweeting to see that people love riffing on things. There’s something exhilarating about finding the perfect, hilarious comment to interject in front of thousands of people to try and pull a few laughs from the audience. Laughter is healthy, and so is being willing to poke fun at ourselves and the world around us, which is exactly what MST3K does. It helps that it has always done it extremely well.

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I’ve often said that this is a time where nostalgia is king, and I think this is just another way to prove it. We’re all craving that bit of comfort from our child or young adulthood, artifacts of a simpler and happier time. It is why Jurassic World blew up every box office record, and why we’re going to continue to see remakes of 80’s and 90’s movies for the next few years at least. This is just another way the current generation can transport themselves back to sitting on the couch with family, laughing and chomping on popcorn as Joel and the gang riffed on yet another ridiculous movie.

The best part? We get to play a part in breathing life back into the series. We’re in a unique position to put our money where our hearts are and bring something well beloved back from the dead. It is time to step up, check out the Kickstarter, and donate. Not only will the world thank you once the premiere of the new season hits, but you’ll have had a chance to get in on the ground floor and claim some amazing rewards to boot.

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