So spoilers for The Walking Dead premiere, like actual spoilers…


Are you ready?


Kyle Gallner dies.

Yeah I know, not huge shock. So many of you may not follow Kyle Gallner’s career quite as closely as I have, but I love him. Every time he pops up in a tv show it’s like a nice little surprise. But it’s only ever for an episode or two, and for the rest of the season I’m left bereft of the Gallner. The last thing he was really in as a main character was Veronica Mars. And spoilers, he was a rapist. Awesome.

So after VM, he did the obligatory episodic stint on Bones, Big Love, Law and Order SVU. The usual suspects. Hell, he was two different people for Law and Order. Then he had an awesome three-episode career in Smallville as Bart Allen/Impulse/I guess the Flash? They never really established that, just hinted at it. But the entire series had me wishing he was more of a character. The story of my life, it seems.

He kind of appeared in CSI: NY for 7 episodes, making me wonder if I should just watch those seven episodes. And then we have his movie appearances. He was a victim to Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body, the magical cousin of the main character in Beautiful Creatures, and surprisingly, the main character the re-imagined Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh, and he had an awesomely dark episode on Criminal Minds.

But that’s about it.

Unfortunately not the case.
Unfortunately not the case.

Then he appears in the new season premiere of The Walking Dead and I think, hey he could be a regular! Just kidding, he gets grabbed by a zombie. I’m not going to go into how furious I was when that zombie took a juicy chomp into his leg, but just watching that scene made me realize how many other shows he could have been in as a regular. I was so looking forward to Daryl fostering him, like being the big brother that his creepy big brother could never be. Dating Beth and being bros with Glenn. Maybe Michonne could have been his like surrogate mother. He could have been like a big brother to Carl. But no. We had to kill him? KILL HIM? Ugh, just thinking about it makes me want to punch something.

So I’ve made a little list, of tv shows that I think could benefit from adding him to the roster of regulars or at the very least recurring-going-towards-regular. Television networks, take note.

This list is a list of 10, but let it not be limited to just these 10 shows.


10. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is obvious, he was The Flash on Smallville, why not let him in on the Marvel universe? I say, Quicksilver. While I’m not sure S.H.I.E.L.D. is ready for the whole “mutants” things to be dropped, I wouldn’t have a problem with them introducing Quicksilver. I don’t know if this could be a potentially permanent position, but seeing as he’s going to be a part of The Avengers: Age of Ultron maybe it could be possible? Though, I guess he’d have to be Aaron Taylor Johnson instead? Blech. Alternatively, he could play pseudo-rivals with Grant and either be Skye’s romantic storyline, or fuel hers and Grants. Just, put him with the superheroes.


9. Suits

Ah yes, all of that sci-fi and horror hasn’t let him wear a suit properly. But I believe beneath that grungy exterior lies a lawyer. I say this more because I love the show and I think that we need to throw in more wild cards like they did this recent season. They brought in some great opposition with Stephen Huntley, why not throw in some opposition for Mike? Harvey’s got his name on the door, it’s time for Mike to have some lawyer battles of his own. Maybe a Harvard graduate that Louis brings in? Maybe he’s with the Brits? I wouldn’t mind seeing Kyle in a Suit, and this show has some of the best wit and drama I’ve seen.


8. Sleepy Hollow

I know that the show so far has been Abbie and Ichabod. But every time they throw back to the past, I want there to be that one guy who like leaves Ichabod some clues for the future. Maybe someone who was working with Katrina to help him out? Johnny Depp’s Ichabod had Young Masbeth, can’t he be Ichabod’s Masbeth? At the very least, I’ll get to see him in period-Revolutionary clothing.


7. Continuum

I have one word for you, Liber8. Julian’s mug is no something I look forward to seeing every episode, but I accept it for the sake of Alex. But since the turn of events last season, I’m hoping they’ll bring in a more organized side of Liber8. The whole story has kind of gone off the rails a little, but I think throwing in Kyle as an extremist would start to steer the story back on track. Julian needs someone who will support him in his future as Theseus. It needs to be someone who isn’t from the future, and no one in the present seems to have leadership skills. They could be the incredible duo of anarchists. Alex could be jealous. Kiera could be threatened.


6. Teen Wolf

Maybe a set of mutton chops might not be the best plan for him, but this show is always looking for new flesh. He’s the right age to be set along side Derek. Derek’s always brooding, why can’t he have some fun? He can be that one werewolf buddy that always lead him astray. I am lamented to find that Derek has yet to show his rebellious side. They had that awkward scene of him as a teen being awkwardly advised by creepy Uncle Peter. Well how about we bring in someone who is actually going to stay on Derek’s side? Especially after the events of last season?


5. The Following

It’s obvious, he’s part of The Following. We already know James Purefoy’s Carroll is coming back from his appearance at SDCC, but he needs some new followers. His are all dead. That pale skin and gaunt appearance will lend itself perfectly to the Poe-esque world of The Following. He can play foil to Mike. Joe Carroll’s protege. A better Roderick. He’s already proven he can do crime-dramas from Criminal Minds.


4. Once Upon a Time

I don’t even know who he’d be. The pool of possibilities is endless. But this show manages to pull the most random people out of the ether and make them into fairytale characters. He could be fucking King Arthur for all I care. The show has been known to just toss around random characters with unfitted actors, why not make King Arthur a lanky young adult? He’s already pale enough to be English.


3. Sons of Anarchy

I’m not going to say that he looks like a natural biker, or that he should replace Half-Sack. But god damn if those two things don’t lend themselves to being true. It’s down to the wire, and I know that we want to consolidate the cast, but can we please bring him on as a prospect? Please? The show has shown that they aren’t afraid to bring Prospects in to being actual members and cast members, what’s so wrong with adding him in?


2. The Tomorrow People

To be fair, there has been one episode of this movie, but I really like this damn show so far. They already have some great cast members like Peyton List, Luke Mitchell, and even Mark Pelligrino. But they also added a newbie like Robbie Amell, couldn’t they throw in Kyle? I know the standard formula for a love triangle story like this, two guys, one girl, the other girl who is kind of friends/has a crush on the main guy, the joker friend. It’s standard Korean drama set up. And The Tomorrow People have borrowed it. But wouldn’t it be great if we break out of the mold? Stephen is going to work for Ultra, why not give him a competitor? Shit, Kyle could be his cousin. Or maybe he’s the member of the Tomorrow People that is super suspicious of Stephen despite his powers. It’s a show that has so many great young cast members, PUT HIM IN IT.


1. American Horror Story: Coven

So, spoiler, Evan Peters found himself dead in the first episode of Season 3. I know he’s coming back and whatever, so don’t get up in arms. But an Evan Peters/Kyle Gallner duo? Sign me up. Shit, Gallner can even be the one who raises him from the dead. Wing mans him for Taissa Farmiga’s character. Plus this would get him in the running for a Season 4 appearance. This is number one for all the wrong reasons, but christ would these two not look freakin’ adorable together?



Just. Revive. Him. USE YOUR SORCERY, RICK. Just, all the possibilities. The could-have-beens. Blast you, writers.

Honorable mentions are Arrow, Supernatural, Revolution, The Vampire Diaries, and even Grey’s Anatomy.

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