NBC’s Grimm is one of my favorite shows on television currently. With a fantastic and talented cast, riveting story line, and deeply rooted lore, Grimm continues to amaze me as the show heads into its sixth season.

Last season we saw Sean Renard step towards the dark side as he sided with the opposition, and ultimately against Nick Burkhardt and his friends, despite the fact that Sean may have been somewhat brainwashed and pushed towards that decision. Meanwhile, Juliette returned as a new alter ego, Eve, but in the finale, showed some signs that she may be regressing and getting some feelings and emotions of Juliette’s back.

On the romance front, Nick and Adalind, who I would have never imagined seeing them together in season one, faced problems of their own as they explored their newfound love and attraction while raising their infant son.

Renard managed to get Adalind to join him by threatening Nick’s life and now she is essentially being held captive and powerless under a spell. I’m eager to see how Nick is going to approach rescuing her as I’ve quickly jumped on the Nick and Adalind bandwagon.

Nick may also have to deal with the repercussions of using the magical stick that healed him in his battle against Renard in the season five finale. All magic seems to come with a cost.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of Grimm at San Diego Comic Con and got the scoop on what’s in store next season, as well as reflecting on last season’s explosive reveals.

David Giuntoli, who plays title character Nick Burkhardt, had some choice words to describe his convention experience but ultimately admitted that he still loved it. David revealed that he is making his directing debut this season and will be directing episode 3 of the new season. As a new director, the show was hesitant to let him direct the season premiere, but I’m sure he will do great with the episode he’s been given.

When asked about Juliette’s potential return, Giuntoli says “it might be happening, but he’s not sure if its’ Juliette coming back or a human coming out of Eve” and that’s something they will be exploring.

Giuntoli shares that season six picks up the millisecond where season 5 ended and that the gang is on the run and that “Renard has all the power right now.” He also believes that Diana is the one to truly worry about.

In other news, while at San Diego Comic Con, David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch announced that they had gotten engaged. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Sasha Roiz was a hoot to talk with and we had the opportunity to flood him with questions, which he took in stride and joked with us about.

Roiz loves playing the darker side of Renard and even pleaded with producers to see more of that. When asked about redemption, Roiz thinks there really doesn’t need to be redemption for Renard.

Roiz talks about the tense moment between Renard and Nick when season six picks up. Roiz talks about the huge role Diana plays in season six and the true sense of how powerful she can be. Roiz shares that in episode three, which David is directing, there will be a lot of Renard and we may see more than one Renard.

Claire Coffee, who plays our favorite hexenbiest Adalind Schade, talks with us about her character development and what’s in store for Adalind.

When the show first started Adalind was a villain of sorts but over time, slowly developed into a lovable hero and mother. Coffee shares that in the premiere, Adalind does get the chance to at “least connect with Nick and check in” and that Nick ultimately does understand what she did for the sake of love.

Affable Reggie Lee, who plays Wu, really enjoyed talking about the challenges of acting and his new introduction to the supernatural world in Grimm.

Wu has always been one of the few strictly human characters for so long, but it’s a nice change to see Wu develop some deeper character development. Lee claims that Wu will have a very prominent role and we will see a lot more of the spice shop.

When asked about future potential romantic relationships for Wu, Lee jokes that a neander chick could be the cards, but that ultimately it would be nice for Wu to have someone as things move forward.

Russell Hornsby, who plays Nick’s best friend Hank, goes into details about using every script as a breadcrumb to advance the storyline.

Now that Wu has gotten supernatural powers, Hank is likely one of the last human characters and Hornsby thinks that humanity is important and that there “needs to be someone who is fully grounded.”

The lovely Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Eve/Juliette, admitted that she herself doesn’t truly know what’s happening to Eve but does acknowledge that Eve is getting emotions and feelings back.

Tulloch talks a little but more about playing multiple characters and changing up her acting style for individual personalities or lack of in Eve’s case.

Fan favorite Wesens Monroe and Rosalee are two of the most beloved characters in Grimm. In season five, the two are married and trying to juggle marital life along with the evolving struggle to be Nick’s close friend in his Grimm world.

In the finale last season, we see Rosalee quickly discover that she is pregnant and that the two could be expecting a child soon. Mitchell is excited to see Monroe as a father and is curious if that will cause friction between Rosalee and Monroe. Grimm is no stranger to parenthood, with both Renard and Nick having children, but I’m sure fans are even more eager to see Rosalee and Monroe tackle parenthood.

Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe teased us with some hints and themes we might see in season six. Mitchell also shared that the procedural aspect may take a back seat to the good versus evil story this upcoming season.

Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee, talks about the potential of motherhood and her love of stability. Turner is quick to admit that Juliette’s potential return may initially scare Rosalee a bit as she’s unsure of whether Juliette could truly fully return.

Filming of season 6 of Grimm started on August 1st.  Season six will consist of an abbreviated 13 episodes and is expected to premiere this coming winter.

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