I swear, each episode of The Following leaves me yelling at Ryan Hardy, yelling at Joe Carroll, and yelling at Claire Matthews. This week’s episode was different, I ended the episode yelling at Joey. Seriously, there are some severe questions I have for the characters of this show. For one, WHY DOES JOEY STAY WITH THESE PEOPLE? I mean, I understand him running away could lead to some horrible things, like the last time he ran and that nice old couple were killed, but he doesn’t know that. He could have at least attempted to run. Then again, there’s like a 50/50 chance whoever he runs to could be in the Following. That’s the problem, we never know until it’s too late. Hell, that’s why Weston was shot by the blonde rookie cop.

Personally, I really like the direction that they’re going with the Following. It’s no longer just a good guy/bad guy game. I think we saw that when Emma was confronted with Bo and when especially Charlie comes in. Viewers have grown closer to characters like Emma because of her background, we know what happened to her, what got her there. Parker’s analyzation of her in the last episode really showed a different perspective that I don’t think we saw in the previous episodes and now again in the last night’s episode. When she’s not in a control position, we see a very vulnerable and almost nurturing side to her character, that I think gives hope to the future of the story. I think it’s very likely that she could turn on Joe in the end, especially since she is so close to Joey. I mean, I can understand why she would join The Following, in her position, meeting a hot professor who seems to have all the answers and is so charismatic, if he was a professor at my school, I probably would have fallen for it as well. But she’s starting to show through the cracks, and I guess we’ll have to see how she handles Joe personally and his relationship with his son to see what will happen next.

So a big thing that they keep skirting around is the identity of Roderick. Whether or not we even care is another thing. They keep hinting and mentioning the character, but as of yet, there’s no real need for us to meet him. Joe has escaped from prison, so unless there is going to be a massive power struggle between Roderick and Joe, I don’t see as much of a dramatic element to the character. Then again, nothing is ever sure in this show, and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some crazy twist in store. Compared to the recent episodes, this one was definitely not as action packed, the disjointed feeling was all leading up to the big reveal of a cult castle of people waiting for Carroll upon his arrival, with Emma to greet him with his son. I mean, I always knew that the Following was large, but I don’t think I actually accepted how massive it would be until this episode. With such a large scope of followers, it’s kind of foolish that the FBI or the US Marshalls don’t inform Ryan of where they’re taking Claire, seeing as he is really the only one they can trust. I’m also wondering when they’ll bring Jacob and Paul back into the game, as well as Charlie’s interaction with Claire when they inevitably reunite.

Also, we would like to note, that Ryan did not get knocked out this episode, nor did his pacemaker fail. We’d call this a good day for him, though losing Carroll probably negates all that.

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  1. I just want to know what Joe really hopes to accomplish by keeping Ryan around. He had already hit rock bottom. He already blamed himself for the death of the girls the first time around.

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